Stage 1: Castlevania

Our adventure begins within the hallowed halls of the condensed Castlevania, whence Kid Dracula emerges from his coffin ready to fight. He'll start with familiar main halls, now home to the crushing spiked pillars usually found in the lab, and battle familiar main-hall enemies like Zombies and Bats; his quick ascent will see him pass through the Clock Tower, home to Knights, Frankensteins and a peculiar gap that'll introduce him to his bat-morph power (if he hasn't discovered he already has it). Now up at the castle heights, he'll have to reach the castle keep by negotiating tilting-scale platforms--some while dodging incoming Bats. He'll soon arrive at the rather unpopulated Castle Keep, where a short hall is all that rests between him and the castle's final boss.


Lesser Enemies: Zombie, Bat, Frankenstein and Knight
Boss: The Ghosts of Halloween's Past, Present and Future
Music Track: Go Go at the Castle

Stage 2: The Forest

Having cleared his own haunt of usurpers, Kid Dracula exits the castle and heads toward the surround forest. As he climbs up through the mass of trees, knife-throwing Mad Apes and swooping Owls will try for cheap hits; the trees, themselves, will join in the effort, attempting to inhale our hero and spit him out at an earlier point in the level. Once atop the deadly woods, he'll have to improvise a path forward by firing at large Sunflowers, thereby knocking them back and using their extended stems as platforms; Owls will try to swoop in and pluck these plants, cutting off your only path, and Beetles will drop down sneak beneath your normal shots. The bridges leading out of the forest are shaky and prone to collapse; not helping is that killer Fish are known to emerge from the waterfalls in the background. Clear the bridges and you'll find a cabin, where an inhospitable host awaits.


Lesser Enemies: Mad Ape, Owl, Tree Sucker, Sunflower, Beetle and Fish
Boss: Jason
Music Track: ????????

Stage 3: The Sky

After taking out the cabin-dwelling maniac, Kid Dracula flies up to the skies. To move forward requires that he jump from cloud to cloud, avoiding annoying enemies like Eagles and Witches; the clouds adorned with faces are special in that they scroll in a given direction (mostly up, in a wavy pattern), further complicating his efforts. Things turn complicated when he comes across a lengthy rail system whose lift has only two small sections; after he boards the lift, which begins to move along a track, Mad Turtles will try to catch him by surprise and knock him to his death. The lift will eventually speed up as it treks along slightly diagonal tracks and large loop de loops; the aforementioned Turtles and Eagles plus Lightning Lords and UFOs will try to disrupt his rhythm and knock him to his death. Later on, a more dangerous Lightning Rider will eventually take out one part the left and challenge Dracula to a little game of Dodge Lightning. What follows is a series of difficult jumps over long gaps--including one to a more-stable lift--as Turtles and Eagles try to knock you back, and eventually a big drop down to the feathered boss' domain.


Lesser Enemies: Eagle, Witch, Mad Turtle, Lightning Lord, UFO and Lightning Rider
Boss: The Spirit of the Roast Chicken (that you ate)
Music Track: ????????

Stage 4: The Pirate Ship

Dropping from the clouds, Kid Dracula finds an unwelcome landing on a series of floating pirate ships. Many turrets embedded on the ships' sides will continously fire cannonballs diagonally upward; the sly Reapers will also attempt to score cheap hits; a rotating wheel of platforms gives way to second ship, where he'll encounter more of the same. He'll drop down into the innards of a third ship, where he'll have to utilize his ceiling-walking ability to negotiate around crushing spike pillars; Skeletons and falling barrels will make his maneuvring difficult. He'll continue using this ability in the next area, where rotating platforms and spike-lined surfaces are the main obstacle; walking Turrets and Specters crowd the narrow passages, forcing him to strategize his way through. A final drop will take him to the chamber of a scythe-wielding menace and his friend--a giant, seemingly impervious robot boss.


Lesser Enemies: Reaper, Specter, Skeleton and Turret
Boss: (1) Scythe Creature, (2) Hard Metal
Music Track: ????????

Stage 5: Outer Space

If Garamoth can't be found hiding in any conventional locations, he must be in outer space! That in mind, Kid Dracula exits the pirate ship and boards a convenient lift that blasts off, up into an elevator/airtube where the entire stage unfolds. To survive in this fast-scrolling stage, he'll have to keep jumping up to reach the platforms that are slowly descending from screen's top. He'll meet resistance in two spots: First some ill-placed robots will attempt to block his path, then pesky astronauts will begin flying up from below, hovering in place for a few seconds and generally trying to slow our hero down. After a few more tricky jumps, he'll arrive in outer space, where a small army of UFOs hovers overhead, dropping down its crew of alien controllers. The boss of the area won't appear until all of the UFOs are destroyed.


Lesser Enemies: Robot, Astronaut, UFO and Alien
Boss: Fake Garamoth
Music Track: ????????

Stage 6: Volcano

Kid Dracula's getting warm. No--it's not because he's getting close to Garamoth; he's about to dive headlong into a volcano! Namely, he'll trek through an embedded structure within the surrounding volcano. Early on, Drac's bat-morph and ceiling-walk abilities will be put to the test as he navigates around the lava's spouting, arcing flame-pillars (some firing in intervals of three) and pools of fire; large fireballs and Hotheads will pop out from these pools at every turn. After exiting the volcano, whose visage now adorns the backdrop, he'll have to deal with the balls of magma that emerge from the erupting vent; he can use his Umbrella item to shield him from this falling rock as well as the firebeasts, which frolic about this area. Now it's out of the frying pan and into the fire as the flames of Hell ignite and beckon our next boss.


Lesser Enemies: Hothead and Firebeast
Boss: Hellhound
Music Track: ????????

Stage 7: The Mines

The journey continues below the Earth's surface. Kid Dracula will meet resistance from the sometimes-sleepy Construction Zombies, who'll rush at the weary lad. After a few skirmishes, he'll come to what appears to be a dead end only to realize that his bomb weapon can destroy certain blocks; he'll put this ability to great use in the following area, which features scrolling walls. He'll have to blast open paths and squeeze through openings without getting crushed. Otherwise, he can look forward into getting potentially squashed in the proceeding rooms whose ceilings lower to ground-level; he'll have to find safe spots (some requiring that he blast them open using bombs) and do so in a hurry. A few bots patrol the area, but they're of little concern in comparison to the unstable surroundings. Keeping with the theme, the ensuing boss battle will test his bomb-tossing ability--the battlefield divided in two by a wall that the hammer-wielding boss can also manipulate!


Lesser Enemies: Construction Zombie, Drill Bot and Maintenance Bot
Boss: Hammer Bot
Music Track: ????????

Stage 8: Final Approach

The mines carve a path right to Kid Dracula's final approach--a large fortress of horrors. He'll right away enter an area where the screen scrolls downward, the area littered with tiny, spike-lined platforms and under constant deluge of the irksome Spikies; the pace will eventually speed up, leaving him no margin for error as he quickly advances right. The next room is all vertical and features a series of antigravity strips, which Drac must use to float over and around the spiked/spiky surfaces that form part of the maze he'll be solving on the fly. The upcoming assembly area has a ceiling lined with giant drill-heads, some of which suddenly crash down. Soon after, he'll race through a more narrow passage--sections of its very structure suddenly jutting out; complicating things are the Bubble Crabs stationed all around. Immediately after, a few loose drill-heads will start scrolling in from either direction, all crashing down when in proximity. The final challenge: A corridor whose ceiling sections start slamming down behind him while Dinos block the path forward; good use of the Umbrella will negate half the obstacle. The reward is a moment of rest under the starry sky before the final boss, King Garamoth, makes his presence known.


Lesser Enemies: Spiky, Maintenance Bot, Bubble Crab and Dino
Boss: King Garamoth
Music Track: ????????

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