Castlevania 64 has four different endings, with both playable characters having a good and bad ending. The bad endings for both characters coincide with Charles Vincent acting as a boss before Dracula.

Reinhardt's Endings
Carrie's Endings
Bad Ending | Good Ending


Reinhardt's Bad Ending

After defeating Dracula's servant, the imposter has some cryptic words that serve to confuse Reinhardt. Disregarding those words, Reinhardt surveys the area.






Malus, surprisingly, appears before him. Reinhardt is happy to see the boy safe. "Is Dracula Dead?" the boy asks in eerie tone; Reinhardt, having appeased Malus, leads the youth out of the castle.



As the two head home on horseback, Reinhardt repeats the words that are now so famous: As long as there is evil in the world, someone will rise up to face it. He even implies that Malus could be that next hero, not knowing the truth. Of course, the words are lost on Malus, as his eyes glow red, signaling that he, Dracula, still lives.