Glitches and Fun Facts


More Pain: When you're facing Medusa, the only real danger comes courtesy of her beaming gaze, which temporarily turns you into stone. However, you can turn the tables and use even this petrifying ability to damage Medusa while you escape your inanimate state. To do this, make sure that you swing your whip, to fully extended length, just as the beam is about to make contact; if timed correctly, you'll be frozen in this state--but your petrified whip will continue to damage Medusa on contact. (Contributed by Danny.)

Premature Shower: In the final leg of Stage 3, the water will begin spurting out of the background openings and flooding the area, readying you for the battle that's soon to come. You can force a premature burst from one such opening before its proper time--just stand where Simon is in the picture and jump straight up. The water will strangely stop midair without splashing against a platform. (Contributed by Danny.)

Wall of Spikes: On the game's fourth stage, the Death Chamber, you'll eventually come to that room that turns 270 degrees. When it begins to turn, try to stay on the ground as long as you can by just holding "right." As the floor becomes the room's right wall, an extra set of spikes that otherwise would not have existed will pop out, a violent slashing sound accentuating their sudden appearance, and make you pay for it. (Contributed by Danny.)

Wall of Pain: Maybe it's that Super Castlevania IV isn't over-the-top super-challenging that Simon must in response invent new ways to die. Experience one these "fun" suicidal moments in the game's clock tower once you reach the top of one its legs. Attach your whip to one of the on-rail rings and ride it offscreen; upon returning to camera view, swing wide until you overlap the wall and then release the attack button. Simon will instantly die and perhaps feel a bit better about things. (Contributed by Amar Youkai.)


Diplomatic Immunity: Are you in desperate need of an Invisibility Potion in the highly inactive waterfall area of the game's third stage? "There isn't one," you say? Well, now invulnerability can be yours for a very low price. To trigger such an event requires that you jump and swing the whip upward to attach it to a floating ring that rests high above (refer to the screenshots for its position). After pulling yourself up, you'll find that the hero is now resistant to attacks and enemy contact. The only problem is that the invincibility lasts only a short period before the thornweeds and crew can again hurt you.