Glitches and Fun Facts


Whip Felt 'Round the World: Simon's Quest has a strange glitch where you can swing the whip while facing the screen's edge and see the whip's edge appear on the screen's other side. This works as more than just a visual--if you time it correctly, you can actually use this glitch to damage enemies that rest on the opposite side of the screen. (Contributed by Danny.)

Spike Walker: As sort of an offspring of the Extra Boost secret: Simon can use his ledge-maneuvering ability to stand on the edges of spikes that jut out horizontally from walls. This will allow him to jump to a higher platform without taking damage when it appears he should. (Contributed by Danny.)

The Hangover: Most obvious about Simon's Quest's day-to-night system is that enemies grow in toughness whenever the sun sets, their endurance doubling. However, any enemy on-screen during the "...Horrible Curse" or "The Morning Sun Has Vanquished..." shift will retain its current level of hit points, even though the scene has clearly changed.