Whether it's the imaginative art styles, the wondrous music, or the deep, emotional stories, the very best video games (Castlevania, in this case) have a way of bringing out the dreamers in all of us. It's these factors and their derived inspiration that drives the truly talented to take the next step and dive into the field of game development--to touch others in much the same way. Some create unique works steeped in game-universe mythology, while others more closely follow the template and supply only a personal touch. This page acknowledges all such work, as embodied by all categories listed below. Click the desired link to zip down to your games of choice.

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Java Games

Java games are applications (or applets) that you run by using software specifically made to read the Java programming language. One of its more popular features is the ability to create and play games online. Featured below are Java games that you can play by downloading the appropriate software (if you don't have it already).

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Santiago Zapata
Serenade of Chaos (version 0.7 as of 2010) is a freeware turn-based RPG. Enter the castle of Dracula and challenge monsters in the Castle of Chaos. Each of six different classes is armed with an array of skills, for both offense and support, and gains power as it advances onward. Featured is both console and graphics mode, supporting both MIDI and MP3.
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