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Quick Tips

Hard Mode: Order of Shadows, whose gameplay style hearkens back to what was once the tradition, has to it as an appropriate standby in the form of its Hard Mode, where the enemies are tougher to defeat and dish out much more damage for their attacks and physical contact. To unlock the Hard Mode, simply clear the game's normal mode by defeating Count Dracula.

Unlimited Items: After unlocking and clearing the Hard Mode, you can play through it again with this time an additional option; before starting your mission, you'll be prompted to a window that asks if you'd like to "enable unlimited items," to which you can respond yes or no. If you choose to enable unlimited items, you'll start the mission with one of each weapon and item, the latter of which can be used again and again without disappearing from your inventory.

Original Music: The game's creators, who grew up as fans of the series, agree that there's nothing like Castlevania's most classic tunes. It's for this reason that they chose to include in the game's options menu an extra category, which will appear after the player clears the normal mode. This options is "Original Music," which if switched on will replace the game's normal soundtrack with a selection of enduring tunes like Vampire Killer.

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