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Quick Tips

Hardcore Mode: Mirror of Fate is a fairly difficult game. It's thanks only to the provision of myriad checkpoints that the action doesn't get too frustrating as you repeat scene after scene. If you're looking to neutralize such an advantage and up the intensity-level, simply clear the game under normal conditions to unlock Hardcore Mode, which will test your mettle with harder-to-defeat enemies.

Secret Cinematic: Mirror of Fate ends on quite the downer, but there's no need to feel depressed. As the normal ending suggests: Put in some extra effort and collect 100% of the treasure in each chapter. Doing so will earn you a message that your cut-scene collection has grown plus one. Head on over to the "Cinematics" in "Extras" to find a new video titled Separate Ways. This final video will reveal the aftermath of the big showdown and reward you with a traditional Castlevania ending.

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