Glitches and Fun Facts


A Falling Out: As told by Mister Mattias: "Just for fun, use the 'Persephone' soul (a vacuum cleaner-type power) against either a Persephone or a Student Witch. Rather than take to combat, they'll instead concentrate at holding on their clothes. You can take advantage of this and strike them down without any further confrontation."

No Time to Reflect: There's nothing worse than having a bad hair day without being able to ever know about it. Thus continues the life of Alucard, whose flowing white mane (which came to replace his suave, slick-backed job) is obviously the result of that dreaded vampire trait--the inability to cast a reflection and thus discover the plight of hideously bad art direction. Alucard is reminded of this truth in Dawn of Sorrow whenever he passes in front of the castle's showy mirror displays. (Contributed by Sr. Lan Belmont.)


A Little Ride: Some Fleamen have all the luck--they get to pass the buck on some of their hero-pouncing responsibilities and take the time to catch some air by riding on eagles, harpies, skeledragons or whatever they can find. Who says a white-haired hero can't have himself a little fun, too, and take part in the new wave of monster-riding? Soma will in fact do so whenever he uses the Quetzalcoatl soul, the result of which is a tiny Soma riding atop a bouncing skeledragon in place of the usual Fleaman. (Contributed by Sr. Lan Belmont.)

Succubus Glitch: Again by Mister Mattias: "The Succubus glitch is executed by standing by a wall (it must be a special wall). Use the 'Succubus' soul and, before its animation ends, the Cutall or the Cinquedia special attack. Next, use three normal attacks and thereafter again execute the special attack. You will warp randomly across the castle and gain new abilities. You can find, for example, the Alucard Sword, the Vampire Killer, the Holy Flame, or just add souls over nine. This could be the debug area or something in that vein."