Konami's exploits in the growing cell phone market is becoming a long list of ports of its classic video-game products. Joining the list is Aria of Sorrow, previously a Game Boy Advance exclusive and now proof of Konami's zeal to bring series standouts to the mobile platform (however scattershot the order of release). Aria's is not a direct port and feature's some graphical changes considering cell-phone specifications and limitations; these include a slightly different presentation and overlay, an increase in the screen height (reserved for rooms whose dimensions stretch vertically), condensed menus, loading times, noticeable graphical downgrades, and subdued animation.

No specific cell phone brand is noted as being recommended for optimal performance, but you can get a taste of the action by trying the demo, courtesy of Konami's European website.





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Ending Sequence

When Graham's chamber is breached, no dialogue scene is witnessed; rather, seen is only a screen explaining the impending battle's circumstances. This version is also bereft of a true ending sequence, as Graham's defeat earns only a similar narration screen before an abrupt "The End" appears as a reward. (These screenshots were contributed by ReyVGM.)