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Castlevania: Dracula X is another item-placement password system--this one three-by-three. This time, though, each cell of the table is represented by a symbol and an accommodating color. The symbols are: Blank Spaces (red), Axe (blue), Holy Water (purple) and Heart (green).

This will allow you start on the game's second stage. This will let you start on the third stage.
This code will let you start on the fourth stage. Using this will let you start on the normal fifth stage.
Instead of starting on regular stage four, this will let you begin on the alternate stage found by falling off of the pillars on the stage before. Alternate stage five is only accessible if you've saved Maria; however, use this code to zip there with the work done for you.
This will let you skip right along to stage six. This will also let you start on stage six, but it will give you credit for saving all of the right people that should have been saved up to this point, enabling you to get the best ending.
If fighting Dracula is your thing, use this code to zip all the way to the last stage. This will also let you zip right to the last stage, but, again, will give you credit for saving everyone, unlocking the game's best ending.

Quick Tips

Saving the Renards/Best Ending: Like its inspiration, Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, one of the sub-quests at hand is to save the women important in Richter's life. Maria and Annet are somewhere in that castle, and saving them both is the only way to receive the game's best ending. First, you'll have to save Maria.


The task actually starts on the stage before. Right near the end of Stage 3--after enduring the pillar-filled hall--you'll find a key by striking a candle. After picking it up, you'll somehow have to defeat the boss and make it to midway point of the next stage without dying or losing the key. If you make it to a door (top-right), use the key; you'll find Maria inside.


Maria will be appropriately pleased, and she'll inform you that Annet is somewhere else in the castle. Moving on, you'll come to the end point of the stage, before the boss, only to find another door. If you've saved Maria, the key will also open this door (again assuming you've been able to retain the key this far). The door leads directly to Stage 5', the hidden springs--a stage you ordinarily wouldn't travel--wherein you'll skip fighting Minotaurusu.


On the next stage, you'll come to a single-screen room with an opening that's spouting water. Whip the opening to repel the water; the room will thus drain and allow you passage to its bottom portion. Avoiding the pits, you must work your way left to enter Annet's holding chamber. After rescuing her, she'll encourage you to move along and to meet your destiny. To get our of here, you'll have to complete the stage by destroying its boss.

If you complete the aforementioned objectives, the Grim Reaper will be the boss on Stage 6, assuring you the best ending when you defeat Dracula. (The latter three screenshots were contributed by Danny.)

Breakable-Brick Secrets

Stage 1 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 2 (contributed by Danny)

Stage 3 (contributed by Danny)
Stage 4 (contributed by Danny)

Stage 4b (contributed by Danny)
Stage 5 (contributed by Danny)

Stage 5b (contributed by Danny)
Stage 6 (contributed by Danny)

Stage 7 (contributed by Danny)

Other Tips

The Turn Jump: Easy to miss is Richter's "Turn Jump" ability, which affords him more aerial control where basic jumps require a commitment. Simply hold down the jump button following a jump and press left or right on the digital pad to execute a Turn Jump, using which an airborne Richter can now redirect and land in a desired position. (Contributed by Akumajou Otaku.)

Flame Whip Attack: Richter seems to be the only Belmont thusfar that fights with one type of whip--that is, a chain whip version of the Vampire Killer. However, you can bust out a flame whip almost any time you want. It's easy: Just hit the item crash button only when you aren't holding a mystic weapon or a key. Richter will unleash a flame whip attack in its place.


Cholesterol Points: If your energy is full when you collect a pot roast, you will instead receive 1,000 points for your troubles. (Contributed by Danny.)


Flawless Victory: In some fighting games, you can earn rewards for winning rounds without receiving any damage. In that vein, you can receive a 1-Up as a "No Damage" bonus in this game by completing a stage without losing any energy. Note: This will still work if you lost energy during the stage but replenished it using a pot roast.

Picture contributed by Danny

The Moonwalk: In Super Castlevania IV, Simon could walk backwards on stairways to fend off foes without having to turn while climbing. While Richter hasn't improved on Simon's whip control, he does expand on the moonwalk--this time, it can be used on any surface. Simply swing the whip and hold the button down after doing so; Richter will now walk backwards to keep things in balance.

Camouflaged Essence: Since 16-bit games were made during the era of background and foreground layering, Konami sometimes used the latter to hide the most lucrative item-holding candles. By unleashing whip snaps in some areas, like the caves where the stalactite ceilings hang low, you may whip a candelabra that will release a big heart, a high-priced money bag, a pot roast, or an important 1-Up symbol. (Contributed by Danny.)

Always check behind the foreground layers

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