The ending of the Japanese version, exclusive to the Famicom Disk System, features the three usual epilogues, each extended to include a strange form of closing credits. Also, more strangely, the endings are done in English--broken English, for lack of a more lazy term.

Each ending is decided, of course, by how long it takes you to complete the game. In this version, as compared to ours, they actually tell you how many days it took for you to complete the game, which helps to discover what truly is considered the "best ending," even though it may not seem so.


1. Midday, finished the game in five days or under


Simon triumphs over Dracula and stares down the headstone in which he rests beneath. Exhausted, Simon kneels down.



What they're saying is that Dracula's death will lead the Earth to new life--a "without death there cannot be life"-type order.






As the ending closes out, Dracula's hand reaches through the soil to make it a cliffhanger ending. This is made to look like a sign that a direct sequel was imminent, but nothing became of it. That is unless that this is the basis for Dracula's quick rising for Harmony of Dissonance. All in all, I fail to see how these events add up to the "best ending."

The End.


2. Daytime, finished the game after five days:


The exhausted Belmont kneels by the grave, pondering the preceding battle while trying to manage the still-lingering pain.


Very bluntly, it informs us that Simon couldn't overcome wounds suffered during the battle, most likely because it took longer for him to reach the castle.


Again, it seems to hint that Dracula was destroyed but his curse remains, which could only result in another hero taking Simon's place in the battle. Obviously, this ending exists for its own sake.





The End.


3. Nighttime, finished the game in over fifteen days:


Even the Japanese version's description leads us to believe that this is the best ending. Why would taking the most time result in this good scenario if only eight days is enough to kill him? Why do I care anymore?


Good ol' "Simmon."





The End.

(All screenshots and information were provided by Andrew Walsh -