Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow has multiple endings: Three for Soma Cruz, each ranging from bad to good, and one for Julius Belmont when you play through the regular game after unlocking him. It's because of the sheer number of screenshots that it takes that I'm using more than one page to cover these endings. (Note: The default page is Soma Cruz' worst ending.) Click on the ending you wish to view by selecting a link from the following table:

Soma Cruz
Julius Belmont


Bad Ending

To get this ending, you must simply defeat Graham Jones in the battle atop the castle.

Soma finally reaches the throne room on the top floor of the castle. Graham is confident that he has already grasped all of Dracula's power. Instead of helping Soma out of the castle, as he had earlier dismissed the young man as a threat, he challenges Soma to a duel by accusing him theft--that is, he believes Soma to have "stolen" the souls of his demons. Even though Soma offers to return them, the damage has been done, and Graham appoints himself as judge, jury and executioner. Much to Graham's surprise, Soma is able to defeat him.



Genya enters the picture, realizing that his master plan has failed. With no other choice, he's forced to end his manipulation of Soma and help him to reach the outside of the castle via a portal.




The portal opens at his command, forcing he, Mina and Genya to exit the castle, arriving at the top of the Hakuba Shrine. Soma, for reasons unbeknownst o him, feels beckoned by the castle, as if it's where he really belongs. For the spirit of Dracula still rests within him, and only Genya knows of the horrible repercussions that these events could have. All he can do is encourage Soma to rest.










Roll credits.