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The Castle Maps

Castle Entrance

Floor 1
Basement 2: The Prison of Eternal Torture

Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab

Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3

Garden Forgotten by Time

Floor 1
Floor 2

House of Sacred Remains

Floor 1

Dark Palace of Waterfalls

Basement 1
Basement 2

Ghostly Theater

Floor 1
Floor 2

Pagoda of the Misty Moon

Floor 1
Floor 2

To attain the full 100% castle completion, you need to fill in all of the areas' castle maps as seen above. If you want to confirm that you've covered all possible ground, pause the game when you're in a given area and look to the top-right of the screen. If you see the word "Completed" under the total map percentage, you'll know that you've been everywhere. While there's no reward for simply filling in the map, it's always a good idea to cover as much ground as possible--to find all of the orbs, relics, armors, accessories, etc.

The "Boss Rush" Mode

To unlock this mode, a sort-of side-quest for Leon Belmont, you must finish the game after defeating all of the game's regular and hidden bosses, which of course means you must find the elemental bosses and battle the Forgotten One in the Eternal Prison. If you don't defeat them, the mode will not appear after you complete the game by defeating Walter and Death. After the credits roll, you'll have to save your progress onto the memory card. When you select to play your mission file again and return to the castle's portal room, there will be a sixth portal right up front that you can enter into; it will take Leon to the "Boss Rush" mode. What then begins is a long marathon, successive battles against all of the game's bosses. Unlike those in the GBA titles, this is an actual part of the game and not a separate mode, so you'll be taking along all of your items, relics, whips, orbs, fighting moves and so on, as is. Thus, it's best to pay a visit to Rinaldo beforehand to stock up on high potions.

The order is as follows: Flame Elemental, Frost Elemental, Lightning Elemental, Doppelganger, Doppelganger 2, Undead Parasite, Golem, Succubus, Medusa, Joachim, Forgotten One, Walter and Death.

This time around, there's almost no time to rest. Once you enter the portal, the battle begins immediately. Once you defeat a boss, it'll drop two potions and four big hearts. If there's something you need to use or equip, the time to do it is now, before you enter the ambient blaze that'll take you to the next boss. When you've defeated the final boss, Death, your best time will be recorded, and you'll be transported back to the castle's portal room. You can save these stats by going to a save room, and you can then go back to play the "Boss Rush" mode to compete against yourself for a better time.

The Boss Rush mode is also accessible to Joachim Armster and Pumpkin, both of which you must first unlock. After destroying all of the game's bosses and then completing the game and saving it, you can return to the portal room to have a go of it with these two. There's only one minor difference for Joachim: Since he can't collect items, the potions received after defeating a boss will automatically restore his energy if he touches them.

Sound Select

The Konami Sound Test returns once again for your listening pleasure. After completing the game with Leon and saving your file onto the memory card, you can select your mission and return to Rinaldo's cottage where you can buy the now-available Music Box for 3,150 gold. After saving your game again, there will a "Sound Select" option available on the title screen. From here, you can listen to all of the game's tunes with little messages from the composer listed in a window below.

Secret Bosses

Besides the regular ten bosses, you can locate four secret bosses in four of the game's areas. Finding and defeating these bosses will help two causes: (1) You can collect special items that are otherwise unavailable, and (2) you can then access the "Boss Rush" mode after completing the game. Below are the locations of these four secret bosses and the rewards they hold:

Flame Elemental


This one can be found in the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab. On the far right of the second floor is moving-platform room with two skeleton flowers. Once on the moving platform, jump across to the first jutting platform you see on the right. From there, you can use your whip to latch onto poles and pull yourself up to where a green door blocks the way. Inside is the Flame Elemental. When you defeat it, it will leave you the Whip of Flames.

Thunder Elemental


Another is in the Garden Forgotten by Time. When you're deep into the second half of the area, you'll come to a room with a man-eating plant and a mist. From here, keep going until you come to a room with another man-eating plant and two buckbairds. Force the man-eating plant into the northeast corner of the room and whip it open. Now jump onto its petals and jump straight up to reach a platform. Once through here, you'll travel to the second floor where the Thunder Elemental waits. When you've defeated it, the Whip of Lightning is yours.

Frost Elemental


In the Dark Palace of Waterfalls, you can find another such whip. From the beginning of the area, continue to take every left path available until you come to a small cave that you must navigate using mostly your ledge-grabbing technique. Use your whip-latching ability, also, to reach as high up as you can until you come to a door. Now dive off and try to land on a high stalagmite in the center of the cave. From here, more platforming action will lead you high up to where the cave is covered with ice, and a boss lurks in the next room. Defeat the Frost Elemental to earn the Whip of Ice.

Forgotten One


The basement level of the Castle Entrance holds a locked door that's sealed by enormous power. In a secret room in the Pagoda of the Misty Moon, you'll find the Unlock Jewel, which you can use to unlock the door in the basement of the Entrance. This will open up its second basement, an area called "The Prison of Eternal Torture." After descending down a long spiral staircase, you'll come to its secret boss, the Forgotten One, for a three-part battle. After you defeat this Beezelbub twin, you'll earn the black orb.

Item Duplication

To the left of the Castle Entrance is the hall that takes you to the castle's portal room--it's the one that also leads to the game's first save room. In this short hall, there are three windows from which moonlight beams through. The beam shining through the third such window, near the end of the hall, is more greenish than the others, and it holds a secret: If you stand is this green light where it meets the side of the hall's red carpet, you can duplicate all of the items in your inventory up to the maximum of nine. To do this, stand in the light and pause the game; select "Items" and then start moving the cursor up and down. Each time you do this, the collected item moved unto will increase by one. This can be done over and over again thereafter and thus save money. Also, if you've found any precious stones, you can duplicate them and continuously sell them to Rinaldo to buy the more expensive items. This trick can also be pulled off in the Pagoda of the Misty Moon, near the green-light window in the hall before the "VI" tablet room; and another can be found and utilized in the first room of the second floor by standing in the rug's circle design. (Credit to gamefaqs.com.)

The Waiting Game

If you're having trouble attaining 100% map completion with Joachim Armster, your point of concern is most likely the Ghostly Theater. Within the area are two rooms with crushing spike-beds--one such instance on each floor--with platforms he seemingly can't reach, and there are no blue cubes to assist him. However, after entering either room, stand within the white-floored safety spaces in the rooms' corners for twenty seconds; elevating platforms will soon rise up from the ground and help you reach higher ground. (Contributed by kennethbr05@ns.nues.k12.ut.us.)

Crystal Rage

Ordinarily, when Leon uses his crystal sub-weapon, a single crystal will levitate in place and explode seconds later. By using this method, Leon can cause a chain reaction of explosions by releasing one crystal after another. But Leon can harness another power as a result: To accomplish this, you must start walking or running at a consistent pace while continually releasing crystals. Eventually, the chain reaction of explosions will catch up to Leon, and its energy will resonate unto him. From this point on, if you keep hitting the "O" button, Leon will not release crystals when the button is hit. Instead, Leon will become a walking explosion-machine; as the button is pressed consecutively, Leon will keep releasing this energy, and he can now use himself as a weapon. (Contributed by hunterfbn@lycos.com)

The Codes

Play As Joachim Armster: It's pretty clear by now that Konami likes to provide its fans with a secondary character whose mission is no-nonsense compared the main character's. This time, Koji and his team allow you to unlock and play as Joachim Armster, who was thought to only be the boss of the Dark Palace of Waterfalls. To play as Joachim, complete the game with Leon, wait through the credits, and then save your game onto the memory card. Now start a new mission and enter "@Joachim" as your name. You'll skip past the usual intro, and the game will begin with you in control of Joachim at the Castle Entrance. Joachim controls similarly to Leon but has significant differences.

Joachim's mission is less restrictive than Leon's; he, too, must defeat the five guardians to break the seal to the upper half of the castle, but he can move freely through those five initial areas--not needing keys and such--and make jumps that Leon could not. However, he has some restrictions and other general differences: (1) He can't access an inventory screen, which means that he can't collect items, weapons, orbs or armor, and Rinaldo won't be at the shop to sell him anything. Such items simply won't be there, replaced by meter-ups or minor items like potions and mana prisms. When he touches an item, it'll take effect automatically. (2) He can't gain fighting abilities or maintain stats, his HP and MP meters are shorter, and his defense and attack powers are low; to cure this, he'll have to collect the HP-, MP- and defense-ups that replace the normal items. Also, he can collect exclusive attack-ups, most of which are found by defeating secret bosses. (3) Since he has no whip-latching ability, there are large glowing cubes placed in trouble areas to help him reach certain places. (4) Since he can't collect special sequence-initiating items, the Golem and Succubus battles will begin as soon as he enters their domains. Also, he'll unlock the door in the Eternal Prison simply by hitting a switch. (5) There are no story elements to his mission. (6) He receives his own ending, however abbreviated, for defeating Walter and Death.


Joachim is unique when compared to many of the series' characters. He's a bit slower than Leon, but he's a better horizontal and vertical leaper, both with his regular and double jumps. He's a better long-range fighter and can effectively keep his distance. Since he has no stat-potential, he must of course increase his abilities by finding the meter-ups that'll increase his attack, defense and the length of his meters. While he'll eventually be stronger than Leon, his lack of inventory will render him more beatable. Joachim is always surrounded by five symbiotic swords, and he can arrange them for two separate sword attacks: (1) Sword Chuck, where he can throw them one after another. If he throws all five before any of the others have returned, he'll be limited momentarily. (2) Circle Slash, a weaker and shorter-distance attack where he can endlessly swipe the swords, one after another. The initial shot of both attacks can be charged up, too. He has these and other moves:


Play as Pumpkin: After completing the game with Joachim and saving your data onto the memory card, you can play as a second secret character. To play as Pumpkin, start a new mission and enter "@Pumpkin" as your name. Pumpkin is best described as mini-Leon.


His mission is basically Leon's without the story elements. However, there are some differences: (1) He's stronger than Leon and can thus defeat enemies much more easily. (2) He's not as quick, but he's got better ledge-climbing ability. (3) His meters are at their shortest, so he must collect HP- and MP-ups to increase their length if he hopes to survive. (4) He starts with all of the advanced whip combos and defensive abilities. (5) He starts with 130 hearts, and he can collect max-ups to hold up to 200. (6) Pumpkin has his own sub-weapon--a pumpkin; it bounces toward enemies and explodes for maximum impact. It takes two hearts to power each. Otherwise, he can use the seven orbs to add super power to his pumpkin.




All-Skills Mode: After completing the game with Leon and saving your data onto the memory card, start a new mission and enter "@llskill" as your name. Leon will begin the game with all of the whip combos and defensive abilities that he would otherwise collect through his experiences in battle.

The Crazy Mode: This is Lament's obligatory hard mode. After completing the game with Leon and saving your data onto the memory card, start a new mission and enter "@Crazy" as your name. You'll now play a tougher mission where the enemies are stronger and more numerous, and you can only collect five of each item in your inventory. After defeating a mission in "Crazy Mode," you can return to Rinaldo's shop and buy the elusive "Mobius' Brooch" for 200,000 gold.

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