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Quick Tips

Castle Maps

Castle A
Castle B

To get the full 200% castle completion, you need to fill in the two castle maps as seen above. Both of the castles are identical structure-wise if you look only at these maps. In reality, there are subtle differences between the Castle A and Castle B areas, such as breakable walls in one castle that'll eliminate one unbreakable in the other--and other such instances involving switches and such. It's important to move between the castles using the portals, all of which are represented by the color yellow. (Note: The two yellows that don't match up between castles are regular transporters.)

The "Boss Rush" Mode

To unlock this mode, an additional mission for Juste, you must finish the game by defeating Dracula in Castle B. To do this, you must collect his remains and use them to break the seal that locks the heart of the castle. Once inside, you have to defeat Maxim after equipping both the MK and JB bracelets. By defeating Maxim under these circumstances, it allows a continuation of the story element that leads to the battle with Dracula. After the credits roll, your progress will be saved into the game's memory.

When you turn your GBA on again, the title screen will now be red, and the "Boss Rush" mode will be available. Simply put: This mode consists of successive battles against the game's bosses. When you first begin, there will be only two options: Easy Level and High Scores, which records your best times in defeating the bosses and the number of kills. After you defeat the Easy Level, which contains 5 bosses, you unlock the Normal Level, which has 10; finally, you can defeat the Normal Level to open the Hard Level, which is a marathon battle against every boss in the game. The bosses within each level are the following:

You start this mode in a room filled with candles containing hearts and the six sub-weapons; you begin with nothing but your whip, so it's wise to collect all that you can. A room such as this can be found after each boss battle, but only in this initial room can you equip a sub-weapon--choose wisely, because you're stuck with it. After you defeat a boss, it'll release a crystal that'll restore your energy before you leave into the safety area and subsequently the next boss room. When you've defeated the final boss of a given level, your total score will be tallied and you'll be returned to the selection screen; there are no other rewards for playing this mode.

Safety Room
Boss Room

Despite what I said about this being an extra mission for only Juste, you can actually play as two other characters: Maxim Kischine, who you can also unlock for the regular game, and Simon Belmont! For the information on how to unlock them, check the "codes" portion of this page. These two characters, of course, have their own unique abilities, strong points and weaknesses, so the mode will be a different experience with either. Mostly, your characters' strength will vary from room room to accommodate the stronger bosses and your propensity for defeating them. There are other key differences between the three characters' potential:


Sound Mode

The famed Konami Sound Test returns once more. To unlock this mode, simply defeat Dracula for the game's best ending, under the same conditions you used to unlock the "Boss Rush" mode. This may be redundant, since both modes unlock at the same time. From here, you can listen to all of the game's tunes without restriction, including the hidden tracks reserved for Simon's secret appearance.

Fighting Dracula

As mentioned in the Dracula section: The Count's existence in this game was one of its best-kept secrets. Whereas Symphony of the Night had different endings depending on the conditions surrounding your battle with Richter, there are three possible endings for Juste in this game, depending on the gear you're wearing in your final battle with Maxim. The normal two are obtained simply by defeating Maxim in castles A or B. To get the best ending, you must equip the MK bracelet, which you received from Maxim, and the JB bracelet, with which you began the game. After defeating Maxim, your act of remembrance and camaraderie will help him to free himself of Dracula's possession, and the dark lord will instead take his usual form for a final battle.

Juste's Secret Crash


It's become sort of a tradition for Belmont heroes to have the ability to execute an item-crash without actually having an item. Richter could do it in Rondo of Blood, Castlevania: Dracula X and Symphony of the Night; Nathan could do it in Circle of the Moon; and now Juste can harness a similar-themed power via the Spell Fusion system. To do this, activate the Summoning Book and make sure that you have no sub-weapon equipped. (If you have one, enter into the transient castle and have the enemy called "0" steal it from you.) Now push up plus attack; Juste will use a healing spell to replenish his meter, at a costly 100 magic points, in a burst reminiscent of Maxim's Healing Rain. (Thanks to Nightboy1984 for this information.)

Furnishing Your Way to Her Heart

You decided against furnishing the room
You fully completed furnishing the room

Harmony has what seems like a pointless excursion--a side quest that tasks Juste Belmont with collecting hidden furniture and using it to decorate one of the castle's painfully drab rooms (which both versions of the castle share). To the contrary, there is reward for completing the task though without actual effect on the gameplay. Rather, fully furnishing the room will cause a slight variance to the "Good" ending sequence, which ordinarily features a recovering Lydie standing between the two heroes; instead, Lydie will now stand directly next to Juste, clinging to his right arm (apparently drawn to his sense of style).

The Codes

Play As Maxim: In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, you could play as Richter Belmont after clearing the game with Alucard. As a nod to that, the team's second masterpiece, the producers allow a similar extra in Harmony that allows for you to unlock and play as Maxim, who was thought to only be a supporting character. To play as Maxim, clear a normal mission with Juste and wait through the credits so that it saves your progress. Now start a new mission and enter "Maxim" as your name. Without any delay, intros or cut scenes, the game will begin with you in control of Maxim.

Remember that Maxim, like Richter in Symphony, wasn't made with this this level design in mind, so he'll have to rely on his special moves to travel about and explore at will. That is, Maxim can travel just about anywhere he wants to go from game's start, including both castles, without restriction. However, he has some restrictions in other areas of play: (1) He can't access an inventory screen, which means that he can't collect armor or furniture, find a merchant, or anything else associated with it. In their place will be found single hearts. (2) Life vials do raise his HP cap, but his stats will always be lower than that of Juste's at a high level; too, heart containers will simply add five hearts to his total. (3) He can't collect any of the sub-weapons, since he comes equipped with his own. (4) He can't attain 200% castle-completion due to the inability use the switch that opens the barrier blocking the heart of Castle A. (5) Since he can't collect Dracula's remains, he must instead defeat all of the game's bosses to access the heart of Castle B. (6) Due to his status as a secret character, there are no story elements to be found for his mission; he does, however, have his own ending sequence.

His moves are as follows:

To attack: Push B. Maxim will use his sword to stab forward.
To leg sweep: Simply crouch while pushing downward, and then push B to sweep. This move is quick but short-ranged.
To jump: Push A. You can double jump by hitting A again then again to pull off a triple jump. Maxim is either inhuman or he's auditioning for a future Smash Bros. game.
To jump kick: Push downward and A after executing a second or third jump. Maxim will dart to the ground in a blaze.
To use your sub-weapon: Push up and B. Maxim will throw his Shuriken--half the screen's length--like a true boomerang. It costs five hearts per use.
To slide: Push downward and A. This will let you speed along and harm enemies with a sliding kick.
To forward dash: Use the L and R buttons according to the direction you're facing; this move can be used for long bursts of speed
To back dash: Use the L and R buttons according to the opposite direction you're facing. The back dash will get you out of danger quickly.
To somersault and roll: After a first, second or third jump, hold up and push A. Maxim will roll into a ball in midair and slice through enemies, continuing to roll when he lands on the ground; this quickly drains your magic meter. It also acts as a fourth jump.
To chant your illusion spell: In one motion, push forward, back, down, up, and then hit B. Maxim will call forth clones of himself to slash away in all directions. This uses up about 45% of your magic meter.
To chant your healing rain spell: In one motion, push up, up-back, back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward and then hit B. Like an RPG magic-user, Maxim will regain his energy; this spell costs 50 hearts.

Maxim is both much faster and moderately stronger than a regular Juste, but he does take more damage for hits due to no stat potential. For this, you'll want to speed along only in territory not marked by hordes of enemies. If you play too loose, instead, you'll wind up spending more time regaining energy via spells and save rooms.

Hard Mode: In the earlier games, which relied on stage-by-stage action, you could play through a second time, wherein the challenge would be increased by more enemy resistance and decreased defense. Since most people believe Harmony of Dissonance to be "easy," its creators included a Hard Mode for you to try. To do this, first complete the regular mode with Juste. Then start a new mission and enter "Hardgame" as your name.

Magic Handicap: If you still think that Harmony is below par challenge-wise, you might want to try this code. When you start a new mission after completing the regular mode with Juste, enter "No Magic" (make sure that the space is created using the "R" button rather inserting a blank) as your name. Once you've done so, you'll be unable to collect spell books, which will be replaced by heart containers, and thus you can't use the Spell Fusion system. While most players probably never even bother using the system, its regular abusers might miss being able to lazily defeat bosses.

"Boss Rush" Mode Secrets: Whenever you play in this mode, your starting character will always be Juste. You can change this using two different codes, which'll allow you to challenge the game's bosses using a normally-supporting-cast member and a hero long since dormant:

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