Fan Fiction

"It's almost difficult to turn my back on the Belmonts, you know, like I did when that one blue-haired fellow once entered my domain. (What is it with these guys and hair, really?) I realize that the Belmonts are every bit our estranged cousins in this eternal war--that their powers, for the most part, have been spawned from that of our master's. However, our friends at Konami never told the story as we've come to know it, how Trevor Belmont, through his meetings with my young master, Alucard, learned of the more obscure details about his family's emergence as the supreme vampire-hunters of all time. That emotion had been all but lost until Sam Mills came forth to supply what had been void."

The Unknown

By Sam Mills

"How much further? Are we getting close?" Trevor asked.

"Not yet, Belmont. We've barely reached the main hall of this demon castle," Alucard said. "Let us pray that we make it through safely. It's going to get a lot harder from here."

Trevor Ralph Belmont had met the stranger in very odd circumstances. Once thought his foe, Trevor realized that he'd fought the son of Dracula to prove himself. After beating the half-man, half vampire in a dual, Alucard has shown himself to be a much valuable ally in his quest to reach Dracula. Trevor was lucky to have found many friends on this quest.

Sypha and Grant, his other allies, had gone a different way for now, but he knew he'd meet up with them later. For now, he and Alucard's instincts were going to be very valuable in finding the around the huge castle. Before entering, Alucard and he stopped for a moment to rest. "I've seen some pretty scary things so far Alucard," Trevor said. "But I don't know if I am prepared to face your father."

"You will do fine, Belmont. I have faith in you and your bloodline," Alucard said.

It was rather odd that though they'd never met, Alucard acted as if he knew more about his family line than he'd let on. It had nothing to do with his actions, or even anything that the vampire said. But once in a while, Trevor noticed a strange look in Alucards eyes, as if he recognized him from somewhere. "Why such faith in my line?" Trevor asked.

"Your family legend is one I know well. A Belmont has never failed to disappoint," Alucard explained. It almost seemed as if Alucard wanted to say more, but he wasn't a man of many words. In fact, until this moment, there hadn't been much talking between them at all. Perhaps with so much thought, there was little time for speaking, Trevor thought.

Trevor was almost done resting. He was eager to finish his task so the world would go back to normal again. He got to his feet, and got his whip in hand. After saying a silent prayer, he was prepared to go inside.

The two of them entered the main hall. Immediately, they were met with great opposition. Ghouls, demons, and axe men came their way. Trevor and Alucard struck them down as fast as they could. The main hall was flooded with these horrors! There wasn't much time to think, but they were getting through just fine.

After a few intense moments of battle, they made it to the main stair case. While evil lurched in the shadows, they had another moment to rest. Though neither of them were tired, Alucard knew he had to stop and speak with Trevor for a few moments. "Trevor, there is something I want to say to you, and it won't be easy for you to hear it."

"What is it?" Trevor asked. He'd suspected Alucard was going to reveal something more about himself, but nothing prepared him for what he was about to hear.

"I care for you, as I would my own child. Even though I know you can handle this on your own, I feel a need to protect you." Alucard said, swelling with emotion. Trevor wasn't sure how to take this; it was a little vague, and he asked Alucard to clarify. "If my words are vague, it is only because I do not know for sure the truth."

The emotions Alucard was showing made Trevor a little uneasy. Being a warrior himself, Trevor wondered if perhaps this was a sign of weakness. It also became concerning that these kind of emotions could be manipulated by Dracula to try and get his son to fall back. Endangering the quest by bring Alucard along could be very risky, it appeared. "Alucard, this isn't the time for emotions. There's not time for..."

"There is no better time! You could be my kin, don't you see? The blood of the Belmont's and the blood of Dracula may very well flow in your veins!" Alucard explained his meeting with Sypha Belmont. They'd shared a night of passion, one that Sypha kept secret. Not soon after, Sypha became pregnant, but the identity of the father was never revealed. Not even Alucard knew if the child was his.

The thought that the Belmont's could be related to Dracula made Trevor sick. What kind of evil taint could be swimming in his soul? Anger began to build inside Trevor, and the urge to kill Alucard right then and there was beginning to overtake him. "You can't be telling the truth. If such blood ran through my veins, I would know it!" Trevor said.

"I do not know, Belmont. There is no way to ever know." Alucard said. "All I will tell you is that as long as you will to do good, the blood inside of you can do nothing."

"Oh, that's clever. A real philosopher you are! Do me a favor, and get the hell out of the way! I've got work to do."

Alucard hissed at Trevor. If he'd not already been beaten by him, there's a chance the two would have fought once more. Trevor stood face to face with him, and for a moment, neither said anything. Then, Alucard broke the silence with a gentle word, "Stop. Just stop. I wish I'd never said that to you. Like I said, I do not know the truth. This anger could be for nothing."

"I need you, so I will not turn you away. If I allow my emotions to fall upon hate for you, then I'd be proving any bad blood I have is right," Trevor said. There was nothing more wrong to him than directing his hate to those who do not deserve it. "I know you care for me, and so I will do my best not to let you down. Let's get going."

Rested and ready, they put the emotions aside, and went on with their quest. Eventually, victory would be theirs, and the future of another century would be bright once again. Through the madness and confusion, there was only one thing that Trevor knew for sure, that he was a Belmont, he was strong, and there was nothing that could change that. He fought the demons in the outside world, he didn't have time to conjure up what demons might be inside of him too. But even more than this, he didn't have time to fight the unknown.

The End.