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"It was on that fateful day, long ago, when Sonia Belmont confronted and (blech!) ... d-destroyed our dark master! As history will remember, it was the time when the reborn Count Dracula suffered his first real setback while almost oblivious to the source. It was the work of one determined young woman, yes--but there were other influences, like the young master Alucard, whose time spent with Sonia pre-war has gone undocumented. There were others, too, says author SoraAMy, who provides a tale--a prequel to Castlevania Legends--that explains to us (and maybe the master) how Sonia's determination came to be."

Romania: Prelude of Legend

By SoraAMy

Fifteenth Century Europe (1440, to be exact): we're following two youngsters, named Sonia and Aaron, twin cousins belonging to the Belmont clan. They live in the outskirts of the well-advanced village, Ondol, within the country of modern-day Romania. Aaron's mother passed away at childbirth, leaving her son and husband. Neither child had any siblings. Their families lived together, as farmers and hunters. On Sundays, their families would go into town for Holy Mass and would set up shop to sell their wares, but otherwise they did not associate with the more "civilized" inhabitants of Ondol.

At this point, these cousins are seven years of age. Aaron would go hunting with his father and uncle, and Sonia would help her mother with the farming. On days off, they would practice using their family's heirloom, a whip, to prepare for an unknown battle that awaits the two young ones. You see, the Belmont clan is the one of legend; at this point, only one has made history. His name was Leon Belmont and he vowed to have his heirs destroy all evil within their domains, namely Transylvania. Using a whip of alchemy, Leon destroyed a vampire named Walter and laid to rest his former friend, Mathias Cronqvist.

From then on, the tradition was passed, from an older male to a younger one, along with the whip, now known as the Vampire Killer. As each child mastered the whip and honed his skills over the mystics, he would be prepared to face any and every danger the darkness threw at his family and village. For four hundred years, no great evil has arisen to the same level of challenges that Leon had faced, but this generation of warriors might face one greater than Walter and Mathias. So, Aaron, being the male of this generation, has been training with his father and uncle. Sonia, not to be left out, insisted on being trained as well, if not with the whip at least in the arts of the mystics.

Also, a woman, who lived not far from the Belmont's home, was practicing medicine (and possibly alchemy) and had an older son. Her name was Lisa and her son Adrian. The father of Adrian was often seen leaving their house just as the dawn hits and the farmers begin their days. Sonia and Aaron would often beg their parents to go to Lisa's and play with Adrian. They would play what we now call "catch" and "tag". "Hide-and-seek" was also something they would play on cloudy days. One activity Adrian liked that the other two didn't know much on was reading. Being farmers and hunters, Sonia and Aaron did not learn how to read or write, but Adrian's mother taught him since she must know how to read medical books and preparations for medicines.

Some things about Adrian; he had strange habits and "rules". For example, he couldn't go outside during the lunch hours (i.e. - the hours of the day when the sun was at its highest in the sky); he didn't like being around water or shining objects; he never attended Mass even though Lisa did; and he was unusually tall, pale, and strong. To the children, it didn't matter except when it ruined their play time with him. To the villagers, it became rumors of "vampires" and unholy alliances between Lisa and the devil. These rumors would appear to upset the Belmont elders, who would immediately take the two children away to practice whipping or mystic spells.


        "Aaron!" Sonia called. "It's time for dinner!"
        "Okay," Aaron trudged into her house with some hunted ducks dragging along the floor.
        "Aaron!" Sonia's mother scolded. "How many times do I have to tell you not to drag your hunts along the floor?!"
        "Sorry, aunt, but they are SO heavy."
        "So, let your father carry them."
        "Oh, it's okay, sister," Aaron's father came in behind his young son. "Aaron got most of'em, anyway. A hunter should carry his own kills."
        "I know, but..."
        "Don't say anything else," Sonia's father walked in. He hugged his wife.
        "Dad!" Sonia said as she came running in to hug her father's... legs (ah ha, she's too short!).
        "Hello there, Sonia. How was your mystic harnessing today?"
        "It was hard," the young girl complained. "I couldn't get enough water to fill the first ditch of carrots! So, mother made me carry buckets of water from the lake to feed all of them."
        "Humph," her mother huffed. "That just shows you can't always depend on your powers, Sonia. Sometimes, just doing the task like you're supposed to would get it done on time."
        "Yeah," Sonia sighed. "I wanted to go and play with Adrian, but I couldn't 'cause I took too long watering the carrots. {The bucket she gave me was heavy!}"
        "Can we go tomorrow?" Aaron asked excitedly. "After Church?"
        "I will have to ask if Ms Lisa...," Sonia's mother started.
        "Let's go ask her now!" Sonia shouted excitedly.
        "Sonia!" her mother scolded. "It's getting to be late. I will ask Ms Lisa tomorrow, at Mass."
        "<head down> Yes, ma'am," Sonia said disappointed.


        "Dad," Aaron said as he and his father brought their hunts to the village market. "How much do you think we'd get for these ducks?"
        "I don't know, Aaron," was the reply.
        "What do you think, uncle?"
        "I have no idea either."
        "We'll have to wait until we set up our wares."
        "Hm. Do you think Bartholomew will be there?"
        "Maybe. His mother likes to cook duck like the Orientals."
        "She makes good duck too."
        "Maybe we can get some after the sun sets."
        "I would like that."


        "Fire?" Sonia's mother heard the crackling of flames outside. She gets up from her bed.
        "Mom?" Sonia muttered from her room.
        "Yes, Sonia?" her mother came down into Sonia's room.
        "Why is there a big light coming from over there?" Sonia pointed towards the fire. It was coming from...
        "Lisa's house!" Sonia's mother cried out.
        "Huh? What?"
        "Sonia," her mother said sternly. "I need you to stay here, okay?"
        "But, Mom..."
        "Sonia," her mom said firmly. "You must stay here."
        "Yes ma'am."

Sonia's mother ran in her nightgown to Lisa's house. She tried to wake Lisa or Adrian up by calling their names as she ran. Then, she heard the voices of the village men and quieted herself down.

        "{What's going on?}"
        "Please, stop this!" Lisa cried out.
        "Come out, witch! You will go on trial for the sins you have committed against God and against Jesus Christ!"
        "What have I done to lessen the name of the Holy Lord in His sight?" Lisa asked.
        "Quiet, demon!"

Lisa and Adrian were being dragged out of the burning house by the men. The crowd was headed for the village.

        "Please, leave my son! Spare his life for he has no part in this!" Lisa pleaded.
        "Your 'son' is a monster! It is not natural to be as pale as he is!"
        "And he doesn't attend Mass on the Holy Sabbath!"
        "You can do anything you like to me, but save Adrian from your wrath, men of God!"
        "Shut up, wench!"
        "Lisa!" Sonia's mother cried out to her neighbor. She asked one of the men, "What is going on that you men come and take away Lisa?"
        "This woman has been in cohorts with the devil himself. She practices black magic and sorcery, which is against the commands of our Lord!"
        "What?! Lisa would never..."
        "What do you know, woman! You are friendly with her so you are blind to her sins and transgressions!"
        "Besides, you Belmonts dwell within your fantasies of monsters too often. That whip of yours holds no power over demons as you say."
        "Do not insult my husband's lineage!" Sonia's mother shot back.
        "Stay out of man's work!" a villager roughly pushed Sonia's mother back. She falls into the mud and dirties her gown.

What Sonia's mother didn't realize was that Sonia had sneaked out of the house and watched her mother being rough handled by the men. She heard their conversation about Lisa, but didn't fully comprehend what Lisa was being accused of. All she knew was that Lisa had done something wrong, but Sonia knew Lisa wouldn't do anything against the village, or actually against God. These men must be mistaken.

        "{I'm going to follow them into the village. Maybe I can ask God to convince them that they are wrong for accusing Ms Lisa of such things,}" Sonia dangerously thought to herself.


The two men and boy saw a large crowd of men gathered at the middle of the village square. Torches were lit and loud conversations were taking place. Women and children were huddled at their front doorways, staring anxiously at the crowd.

        "What's going on?" Aaron's father asked someone standing at the edge of the crowd.
        "Someone is going to be burned at the stake," was the answer. "The Church leaders have found a woman they accuse of practicing witchcraft and sorcery, so they are going to test her."
        "Who is this woman?"
        "I don't know. They say she lived in the outskirts."
        "{Could it be...?}"
        "Here she is, the witch!" a loud voice proclaimed throughout the town. Doors and windows opened as villagers pushed to try and get a glance at the one being accused of witchcraft.
        "Ms Lisa!"
        "And Adrian too!" Aaron shouted. He tried to squeeze through the crowd to greet his friend, but the men wouldn't allow the young lad a glimpse of his friend.
        "They already started the fire!" Aaron's father pointed out.

The village men discussed Lisa among themselves:
        "Aren't they going to give them a fair trial?"
        "Why should they? She is a witch I tell you!"
        "Mixing those potions she buys from those gypsies from the Orient..."
        "And giving them to our children! For free!"
        "Definitely something fishy there."
        "But she did study medicine..."
        "Or witchcraft."

        "Shouldn't Ms Lisa receive a trial?" Sonia's father shouted out.
        "We will test her plea with the fire," a priest answered. "If she is guilty, she will burn to death. If she has not committed any sin, she will not even feel the heat of the flames."

An uproar rose from the crowd of men.

        "That is not fair!" Aaron's father shouted back.
        "Bring Ms Lisa before the altar and have God be her judge!" Sonia's father suggested.
        "The Lord will reveal His judgment through these holy flames!" the head priest shouted as Lisa was tied to a pole.
        "Alucard," she whispered to her son.
        "Yes, mother," he answered. Adrian strained to break free and to join his mother in her death.
        "Remember my last words to you..."

Sonia ran up to the crowd at the village square. She heard lots of shouting, but focused on listening for Adrian or Lisa's voice. She heard those last words of Ms Lisa. Then, she felt a dark shadow fly over the village. A large black bat flew in front of the Moon as Lisa was thrown into the flames. The people screamed in terror as it swooped in and took two men in its teeth. Sonia's father took out his boomerang cross and threw it at the beast while Aaron's father unwound the Vampire Killer. Aaron fled to a hiding area not far away in case the older vampire hunters needed his mystic powers. He spotted Sonia.

        "Sonia!" Aaron shouted out his cousin, trying not to alert their fathers.
        "Aaron!" she called as she ran to him. But she saw Adrian being carried away by the village men. "Wait, okay?"
        "Wait Sonia! Don't!" Aaron called out to Sonia. But it was too late as Sonia was trying to convince the men to let go of Adrian.
        "Please let Adrian go!"
        "Girl, get out of our way!" a man kicked her down.
        "Sonia!" Aaron gasped then ran to his cousin's side. "Please listen to my cousin; let Adrian go!"
        "Young boy, don't bother us!"
        "Aaron, just get away!" Adrian shouted at him.
        "Shut up, son of the devil!" one of the men shouted at Adrian as another pressed a rosary against his forehead. Aaron could only stare at the burnt flesh on Adrian's forehead.
        "Aaron, stop them, please!" Sonia pleaded.
        "Let's go," Aaron whispered to her. They got up and knocked into the men that were holding Adrian, thus freeing him from their grip.
        "Fiends!" another man shouted.

The three children tried to hold off the men so they could escape, but villagers are armed pretty well. A vial of holy water was splashed into their eyes, and water in your eyes doesn't feel all that great, blessed or not. Another man had a knife and tried to slash the children. Another swung a club. Others just used their fists or stuff from the streets to attack the children. You might think this is an unfair fight, but these three children have fought, if only in practice. Sonia used a mystic water spell to get back at the men who threw holy water; Aaron's punches and blocks showed that he fought with some animals bare-handed when he went hunting; and Adrian grabbed some torches and threatened the men with their flames.

        " <Gasp> Father!" Sonia shouted. Sonia's father was blinded by the bat monster. Blood was dripping out of his eye sockets.
        "Monster born of darkness, return to your shadows!" Aaron's father shouted as he whipped the beast in its torso. It exploded into flames.
        "Dad!" Sonia cried out as she ran to him. However, Adrian's captors didn't let her go so easily. "Let me go! Let me help my dad!"
        "Stop!" Aaron shouted at the men as he tried to help Sonia.

Then from the darkness, some ghosts appeared behind Sonia's father and pulled him into their darkness. The village men grew frightened and tried to run away. Aaron got caught in the stampede and was stepped on by the men. Adrian slipped away into the darkness. Eight other children came out of the shadows; seemed they were watching the battles this whole time. Then, they and Sonia and Aaron vanished into a light that killed the shadow dwellers who stole Sonia's father.


Skipping ahead seven years, Sonia and Aaron are now fourteen. From the trampling, Aaron is now crippled and uses crude crutches to walk. With Aaron unfit to fight, Sonia was given the Vampire Killer and trained extra hard with her uncle. Her mother became the sole owner of their farm. Aaron, who could no longer hunt, stays with Sonia and helps her train when his father is hunting. Sonia takes care of Aaron and helps her mother with the farming. Life didn't seem any better after the "witch" incident in the village. Talk of the Belmonts and the devil has been spreading quietly. It seemed that more monsters, like the large bat and others not so big, were attacking the village outskirts. Also, smaller monsters and spirits would attack villagers occasionally, but no one could explain the appearance of the monsters. There was one good thing that came out of this; with those eight village children, Sonia and Aaron have become infused with the two most powerful of the ten guardian spirits. Now, vampire hunter Sonia Belmont will use the power of her spirit Light, her elemental-based mystical soul powers, and the Vampire Killer whip to take out evil!

        "Hey Sonia?"
        "Yeah, Aaron?" Sonia whipped the air above her. It was a warm spring day, lying out in the meadows and enjoying a break from work.
        "Do ya ever think about Adrian?"
        "Why do you ask now?"
        "Well, I had a dream last night," Aaron said, thinking hard. "It was that night. Those men held onto Adrian, and one had pressed a rosary against his forehead. I only expected to see the imprint of the cross on his skin, but there was a burn mark in the shape of the cross instead. I was wondered why that only happened to Adrian. I've been trying to get a burn mark on my forehead, but nothing."
        "You're stupid. The rosary was probably near the flames for a long while, and when you touch it, you get burned."
        "I tried that; putting the cross over a flame until I could burn my fingers when I touched it. Then, I pressed it on my head, and still no burn mark."
        "That's dangerous!" Sonia got up. "I think you were stepped on the head when they crushed your legs."
        "Oh shut up!" Aaron barked back. "But, you know what the priests say if you are burned by holy artifacts..."
        "Yeah," Sonia was standing but didn't move. She knew that if you were damaged by a holy item, you were probably a demon or in allegiance with... the devil.
        "Was it possible that Ms Lisa was in allegiance with the devil, by force or she was tricked?" Aaron wondered.
        "Nah; Ms Lisa was smarter than that. I bet she woulda kicked the devil's pants if she saw him."
        "They do say the devil is the great deceiver."
        "I guess," Sonia sighed as she whipped out of sheer boredom. "{But, I still don't believe Ms Lisa would do that.}"
         "<Pause> Marta's been tellin' me that a lot of monsters have been showing up in town lately," Aaron informed Sonia. "And they think it's the devil again. [It] Seems like they're right this time, but they are pointing fingers at us."
        "Rubbish! The villagers are a bunch of fools!"
        "Don't exaggerate, cousin."
        "The village is full of unappreciative, selfish finger-pointers!"
        "We're not all like that," another voice said coming up behind Aaron.
        "Hello, Sonia. How are you feeling, Aaron?"
        "The same since then," Aaron smiled.
        "What's wrong, Marta?" Sonia asked. It seemed Marta was looking a bit worried.
        "Well, monsters have been attacking shops and houses for the past couple of nights," Marta said worriedly. "The priests haven't been able to exterminate them; they are just keeping the monsters from advancing farther into the village and from attacking the church. <Sigh> Some young virgins have been reported missing after the monsters left town this time."
        "Ooh," Sonia shuttered.
        "I don't understand why only girls were missing," Marta sighed. "It seems we may have to do some exploring in order to stop whoever is summoning these demons."
        "I know who is sending those monsters to attack the village," a man's voice spoke. It came from the edge of the forest that was not far from the Belmont farm.
        "Who's there?" Aaron shouted warily as Sonia readied her whip.
        "You don't recognize me?" the man said as he came out of the trees. He wore black from the neck down, and a black cape with red lining. A sword & scabbard hung at his left side.
        "Adrian?" Sonia asked.
        "What?" Aaron was astonished. He looked at Sonia and again at the man. "Could it really be you, Adrian?"
        "Yes," the stranger smiled unnaturally.
        "Where did you go?" Sonia ran to hug him. As soon as she touched his neck with her cheek, she felt the coldness of his skin; something she never had the experience of feeling.
        "I've been training," Adrian smiled, letting go of Sonia. "I needed to become stronger..."
        "Why?" Marta couldn't hold in her question.
        "Oh, Adrian, this is Marta," Aaron introduced. "And Marta, this is Adrian, Ms Lisa's son."
        "Call me Alucard, please."
        "Nice to meet you," Marta held out her hand to shake his.
        "Nice to meet you," Adrian echoed as he took her hand. Marta felt a chill run up her arm as he shook her hand.
        "<Pause> I'm sorry what happened to your mother," Marta apologized quickly. "I would see Ms Lisa come into our shop and buy new medicine books. She was real nice, and taught me and my mother how to read."
        "<Laugh> Yes; mother was quite fond of reading," Adrian grinned. Sonia could only stare at his thin smile that highlighted his red lips.
        "So, what is this you were saying," Aaron interrupted. "About who is sending those monsters to attack the village?"
        "The one who is sending those monsters," Adrian began. "... is a man by the name of Dracula."
        "Hm," Marta mumbled. "I have heard of a ruler long ago who ruled, as they say, 'with an iron fist'. He was cruel and tortured those who opposed him."
        "Wasn't that Vlad or something?" Aaron wondered.
        "He was named Vlad the Impaler," Marta corrected. "'Dracula' most likely came from the fact that he was part of a sect of dragon rulers."
        "I see..."
        "You are correct, Marta," Adrian said. "But this Dracula is a little different. It seems that Vlad had made a contract with the devil, and has obtained a form of eternal life. Unfortunately, he continues in his cruel ways and uses monsters instead of devices to rain his wrath on those whom he has targeted."
        "It looks like our village is the chosen target," Sonia pointed out.
        "Then, we've got to find Dracula and take him down!"
        "Hold on," Marta said. "Didn't Alucard say Dracula is immortal?"
        "What's that?"
        "Immortal is forever living without growing old," Adrian answered. "They cannot die a natural death."
        "So, we can't 'kill' this evil."
        "Yes we can," Adrian said.
        "Okay," Aaron was confused. "You just said that Dracula was immortal and can't die naturally..."
        "Obviously, you didn't understand what I meant by naturally," Adrian sighed. "Dracula cannot die from old age, from disease or poison, and even from a wound delivered by a weapon. However, this immortal can die from sunlight, fire, and if he loses all of his might."
        "So, we wear down this old guy and tie him up or something?" Sonia speculated.
        "Yes," Adrian nodded slowly.
        "So, I could take on this 'Dracula'," Sonia announced.
        "No!" Adrian grabbed her shoulders. "You-you mustn't!"
        "Huh? W-why not?"
        "You don't know what he is capable of!"
        "And you do?!"

This made Adrian stop. He stared into Sonia's blue eyes, and she could see that his were grey, unnatural. The fierceness in Sonia's didn't die down as she continued to glare at Adrian. He was taken aback by her comment before, and turned away. Sonia continued to glare while Aaron and Marta had gasped. They were absorbing the scene of a man in distress, and a woman defiant of her traditional role. They waited for one of them to make a move or say a word. It became similar to a lovers' quarrel.

        "S-Sonia," Adrian began.
        "Yeah?" Sonia answered not happy.
        "I'm sorry," Adrian apologized. Sonia raised an eyebrow. "I shouldn't doubt you or your family."
        "No, A-... Alucard, you're right. I don't know what Dracula may be capable of. If I fought him and failed, what will become of Ongol? I would have failed my ancestor who vowed to destroy all evil as long as it haunted the doorway of the Belmont! I will train more to become as strong as I can! I want to take on Dracula and live up to my ancestor's promise, since I'm the only one in my family who can."
        "Don't say that, Sonia!" Aaron shouted. "If need be, I would gladly overcome this crippled body and don the whip as a Belmont! This responsibility is not solely yours."
        "You have friends in the Lord and in the name of goodness," Marta added.
        "You're right. I have faith that we can bring down Dracula, together!"
        "That's why we are always together," another, inhuman, voice said.
        "Now, who was that?" Aaron whined.
        "It was my guardian," Marta giggled.
        "I wonder what 'she' meant by that...," Sonia wondered. " Where's Adrian?"
        "I dunno," Aaron looked around. "It seems he left without saying good-bye."
        "Oh well," Marta sighed. "I should be getting back. It's almost supper."
        "Get us if stronger monsters attack today," Sonia said.
        "Of course," Marta nodded as she took off towards the village.
        "Let's get back too, Sonia," Aaron suggested.
        "Yeah," Sonia agreed.


        "Sonia," Adrian muttered to himself. "I couldn't tell you the truth this time. I fear for you, your cousin, and your friends. My father has discovered their spirits and will stop at nothing, not even the threat of a Belmont, to harness their powers."
        "Again worrying about mortals?" a female voice asked snobbishly.
        "It is none of your business," Adrian answered without flinching.
        "Oh ho, little boy, it is. It is," the shape of a woman appeared behind him.
        "I don't understand why you still pester me when I've made it clear to you a hundred times that I will not join my father!"
        "Your father has faith in your dark powers. He wants to revel in power with his beloved son," the woman said sensually.
        "Get away from me, demon!" Adrian pushed the woman away forcefully but with little effort.
        "Hm," she absorbed his angry expression. "I like it when you get mad at me, young master. I enjoy toying with your mortal mind and soul. You cannot deny me much longer. Soon, you will have no choice but to become your father's son and kill your own 'friends'."

Adrian let out a growl as he punched a fist at the direction of the woman. She stepped to the right and punched him in his stomach. Adrian keeled over and she put her leg over his neck. She sensually rubbed his neck with her hands. Adrian was mad, and threw her over in rage. He ran away from her. She chased him until he disappeared into a cove. As his human scent continued to linger in the air for a bit, she took it in and a look of sexual satisfaction formed onto her face.


Sonia was sitting on her bed, praying or meditating. It seemed that the darkness that was affecting the town was growing stronger each day, and she couldn't ignore it now. But, she knew she wasn't strong enough to wield the Vampire Killer efficiently, and felt she needed to train against some REAL monsters. Going into the village at night seemed like the best option for that, but she knew her mother would worry despite it being her destiny.

        "{Guess I will have to wait for one of them to come.}"
        "Sonia!" a teen's voice shouted from outside her window.
        "Lauren?" Sonia stuck her head out the window so the woman could see her.
        "Marta said to get you! Some fish-men have attacked the pier and are snatching away the children!"
        "Damn!" Sonia cursed as she gathered her whip and a rosary for protection.
        "Bartholomew and Xavier have gone down to the harbor by the sea," Lauren told Sonia as they ran to the village.
        "How about the others: David, and Ruth, and Eunice, and Charles?"
        "David and Charles are going around the village trying to get the men to fight back. Ruth and Eunice are trying to get the girls to hide in case they are still trying to kidnap more of them."
        "And what about Marta?"
        "Helping the children and women flee. She was able to arm some of the braver women and they stopped the monsters from attacking them."
        "So, what's left?"
        "The Belmont heroine to rid of these monsters for the night."
        "<Scoff> Yeah right. I'd be surprised if those villagers would even allow me to destroy a monster."
        "You have to. No one else can."


        "Charles," David said. "Our weapons aren't enough to take care of the fish-men."
        "Your spear can spike those beasts in the stomach, and my knives [sai actually] are light but sharp."
        "But, these fish-men are fast, and I don't do well close up."
        "Well, punch them then."
        "It hurts though..."
        "Stop complaining!"


Ruth and Eunice held thick sticks with some of the other girls, ready to bash snatchers of virgin chicks. They didn't want to lose any girl, not one. It was more likely they would stick one tree into a stomach than get carried away by those perverted beasts. They've become the... Amazonians! Just kidding!!

        "Okay, Ms Narrator!" Ruth shouted. "That introduction sucked!"

Okay, okay. Sorry Ruth.

        "Back to the story...," Eunice sighed. "Ruth?" one of the younger girls asked. "What has become of those who have been taken away?"
        "Will we end up like them?"
        "No, we won't!" Ruth shouted. "We have to have faith that the others are all okay; we will stop these creatures from taking any more of us!"
        "Easy for you to say," Eunice whispered.
        "We have no choice," Ruth whispered back. "If we lose..."
        "I have an idea," Eunice said as she ran towards the monsters swinging her stick. She was able to hold off some of the weaker skeletons, but an ape skeleton lumbered over to her and grabbed her.
        "Eunice!" some of the girls screamed.
        "Let her go!" Ruth shouted as she tried to run after the skeletons. However, they vanished in a cloud of smoke.

In the shadows, Adrian watched silently as the skeletons ran off with their captive. He noticed that Eunice wasn't very surprised or scared when she was captured. It made him think: did Eunice want to get captured? What was she planning?


Sonia and Lauren used their powers to bash their way through lesser enemies, such as skeletons and zombies. They arrived at the village where many of women and the older children were lying on the ground. Some were dead and some were resting. Many of the buildings and homes were burning or crushed.

        "I guess because of the monsters, everyone had to fight," Sonia pointed out.
        "We have to stop whomever is sending the monsters..."
        "There she is!"
        "Wha'?" Sonia was clueless.
        "It because of the Belmonts that we suffer the wrath of these monsters of darkness!"
        "Wha'?!" Sonia was mad. "Don't blame...!"
        "The only reason those creatures torture us is because they want YOU to join their hideous army! And if you don't, they come here to kill us all!"
        "Shut up, Belmont!"
        "This is bad..."
        "I'm going."
        "Where are you going?"
        "To kill Dracula."
        "Don't stop me."
        "But Sonia...!"

Sonia walked away from the ravaged village, leaving Lauren and the village women stunned.

        "{If this is truly Dracula's doings, then he must be stopped! My family has sworn to defeat the night, and now it is my turn.} Father, give me the strength to fight, to defeat this Dracula monster!"


        "So, it has begun," Adrian said. He ran to catch up with Sonia in the forest.

Sonia trudged through the forest with her whip in her hand and a dagger, her father's dagger that he had last used on that day. She felt a dark cloud move over the evil forest. A shadow appeared behind her, which then she turned around to see...
        "Sonia," Adrian wasn't surprised.
        "Alucard," Sonia started. "Are you going to destroy this Dracula too?"
        "Sonia, there is so much I have to tell you," Adrian took a deep breath.


        "Where's Sonia?" Marta had found Lauren and wondered why Sonia wasn't with her.
        "She went..."
        "By herself?"
        "... Yeah."
        "It's okay," Marta sighed.
        "What do you mean?"
        "I think, it's best if Sonia goes on her own," Marta smiled at the heavens. "I have a feeling Sonia will grow in her faith, her emotions, and in her powers. After all, it's her time."
        "You're right. If this doesn't help them, what will?"
        "Both Aaron and Sonia will release their true selves, and the evil in the forest will be banished for another century."
        "But, will Aaron be able to, if he doesn't go with her?"
        "I hope so," Marta sighed.
        "I think so," Lauren said. "They are connected by blood; the blood of the vampire hunter."