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Castlevania: Dracula's Curse The Movie


Prologue | Chapter 1


Chapter I: An Outcast's Obligation

Scene I: Warakiya Church Ruins

        Scene opens with camera on a stained glass portrait of Jesus. On the bottom of the screen it reads "WARAKIYA: 1476 PRESENT DAY" It shows shots of different windows in sync with music in the background (Should be "Beginning" or "Prayer"). The last shot is of a real cross.
        Zooming out we see that the church is destroyed and Trevor Belmont, dressed in a cape, is kneeling before the cross, praying. We hear a scream and he lifts his head, removes his cape, and grabs his whip which is at his side. He dashes out of that section of the church past more rubble into another section of the church and out the door.
        We see a scared little girl ducking and crying while surrounded by 3 skeletons. Trevor takes his whip and whips the skeleton closest to him. The whip wraps around the skeleton, spins the skeleton around in the direction towards Trevor and he does a clothesline to it that causes the skeleton to crumble. The other skeletons see what's up and focus their attention on him. He grabs a crucifix that is hanging around his neck and throws it like a boomerang at one of the skeletons but it ducks and hits the other one just as it turns its skull. It disintegrates. The skeleton that it missed gets angry and starts to charge at Trevor but the cross, being a boomerang, flies back in the direction from whence it came and hits the angry skeleton in the back of the head. It also falls apart. The child is still scared but calmer.

Trevor: Are you alright?
Girl: …….
Trevor: Here. I'll take you home. Where do you live?
Girl points to a house that is not too far away.
Trevor: I'm Trevor. What is your name?
Trevor picks up the girl and starts walking toward the house.
Girl: Ss-Susana…
Trevor: Susana. That's a pretty name. I'm glad to see you can talk. You know Susana, I used to live around here, but that was…a long time ago.
Susana: Why don't you live here anymore?
Trevor: Well, that's a complicated story, but basically sometimes when you show people who you really are, they don't like you anymore.
Susana: I think you're the bravest man in the world!
Trevor: (chuckles) Why thank you, Susana. I think you're a very polite little girl.
The two reach the front door of Susana's house. Trevor knocks on the door. The door opens just a crack. A woman on the inside is cautious / scared.
Mother: What do you want?
Susana: Mommy! There were these skeletons that tried to get me! This man saved me!
Trevor: Twas no trouble at all, madam. I cleared enough of them so you should be able to escape town if you go back the direction of the church.
Mother: I know you. You're one of those awful Belmonts! You probably caused all this! Those creatures, down by the graveyard and in the clock tower! You probably conjured them with your wicked power.
Susana: Mommy…
Mother: Get inside, Susana.
Susana: But mommy!
Mother: I said get inside, Susana! (To Trevor) You should leave.
The mother slams the door.
Trevor: (sighs) Every time. (Sensing his duty) If I go to the graveyard, not only can I stop whatever monster lurks there, but I'll also be able to take the bridge to Castlevania that awaits me.
He continues, picking up the pace a little until he is off screen. A movie effect (such as making everything wavy or something) signifies that we are about to see a flashback.

Scene II: Forest: Outside of Town

We see a younger Trevor (about 16 years old) training with his grandfather yelling at him. He is training with another whip; he whips, throws a knife, jumps, and does a somersault.

Grandfather: Again. Good. Again. Good! Trevor! Keep up the pace! Death waits for no one!
Trevor is panting. Next shot is of the grandfather sitting. Trevor sits next to him.
Grandfather: Well done, Trevor. You show signs of more power than I or your mother could ever achieve. You are truly the Vampire Killer whip's successor. Though now it is an ordinary whip, when the time comes, the Poltergeist King will appear and allow you to fulfill your destiny. But be forewarned: It takes more than mere physical strength to use the whip. You must also possess the inner peace of an unclouded mind in order to gain mastery over the whip.
Trevor: I will grandfather, but why must we live in exile, away from everyone? We Belmonts have done nothing but good for the people of Warakiya!
Grandfather: Man will always fear what it cannot comprehend. I know this has been difficult for you, leaving home in a busy town in favor of a more peaceful existence among the trees, but you have to trust that there is a reason for everything in this life.
Trevor: Well, if this is the thanks we get for helping them, who needs them?
Grandfather: Is that the only reason you do good deeds, for the gratitude? Trevor, you must learn to stop passing judgment on those who you see as possessing what you do not. You wish to be accepted by the people of Warakiya so much that you forget that one day you might need their help just as much as they need yours. Remember: It does not matter what blood swims through a man's veins for he is capable of more than can be imagined when driven by agape love. I suggest you meditate on all that I have told you today.
Grandfather stands up and walks away. Trevor stays sitting. Camera moves to the VK hung on the wall. Movie effect shows that flashback is over. The first shot back in the present corresponds to the last shot to show the VK in his hand.

Scene III: Warakiya Graveyard

Trevor encounters zombie after zombie who attack in a straight line. He whips the first one who dies jumps over the second and throws a knife back at it. Repeat. He makes it to the graveyard. He sees the scattered bones of slain Warakiyan soldiers scattered about the ground.
Trevor: Ugh! I'm too late…no!
He walks along the graveyard looking at all of the carnage. He stops at a set of bones and kneels on the ground and picks up some of them.
Trevor: But who…or what did this?
A few seconds after he says that, the bones around his body shake for a few seconds. Trevor grunts out a "huh?" sound. The bones all lift off the ground on their own and form the shape of "THE SKULL KNIGHT KING" It has a sword and shield. It lets out a roar that is so strong that Trevor takes one step back while in battle stance. Trevor whips SKK, but its shield is absorbing the blows. He dodges some sword swings and whips the shield again.
Trevor: Nothing! There has to be a way around that shield!
He looks down and notices SKK's legs. He throws his cross boomerang at SKK's shield. It easily blocks it, but while it blocks the shot, Trevor whips SKK's leg. It roars in pain.
Trevor: That's it!
Trevor whips the hand that holds the sword. It drops its sword. Trevor whips in the same spot until its arm falls off. Having a better angle, Trevor whips the other arm until the same happens with the shield. SKK roars in pain. Trevor finishes Skull Knight King off by tossing a jar of Holy Water on it, and it dies and falls to the floor as its bones are smoking from the water.
Trevor: When you pull yourself together, we'll talk. For now, I have a job to do.
Trevor keeps walking. Block clear music plays. Fade to black.

To be continued...

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