Fan Fiction

"I'm conflicted about the whole 'Soma Cruz inherits the powers of the Dark Lord' thing. On one hand, that white-haired simp played a role in the banishment of my master, Lord Dracula! But then, by result of his efforts, he is my master! I'm so confused. This raises an interesting question: What would happen if Soma Cruz lost his life before making the choice between good and evil? Would we be without master? Is there a 'Vice-President of Castlevania' to succeed in the interim? Well, don't look at me--I'm just the master of ceremonies. Instead, let's ask The Crossman, who has pondered as much."

Castlevania Sorrow: End Game

By The Crossman

"My God! My God! Why have You forsaken me."
Mark: 15. 33.

Kyoto, Japan. The 5th. Of June 2075 A.D.
The wind blew cold through broken openings. I sat in my chair. I am Soma Cruz. My family had gathered before the celebration of my 59th. Birthday. I closed my eyes. I was weary. Those who stood around, watched me with longing on their faces. So few. It was a joke to think about. That I had survived the hordes of Dracula, and the cult's gathered demons, to be left alone. 13 monsters had there been. They had murdered my family. I opened my eyes. Jenryah Oikawa was still watching. He had stabbed my poor dear Mina before my eyes. The mere sight filled me with smoldering hate. My life had been a cursed existence. All because of Genya Arikado and his damn meddling. Why couldn't he have left me alone? I could've lived an ordinary life. The wounds got the better of me. I bent over. "Curse you!" I said. "Curse you to hell!" The witches took Mina's charm from me. I knew that Chaos was boiling over. I no longer feared their influence. The spirit of the Dark Lord would get nothing from me. Poison boiled in my vains. "Chaos take all of you!" I cursed them all with my last breth. I would continue to do so with all my strength. The order of shadow wasn't going to win. I wouldn't let it be. I had killed the werewolf. I could kill them all. I would kill themů

When he died, a sort of black smoke seemed to leave his body. Oikawa breathed. He had remain hidden until it was time. The order, who was still loyal to the memory of count Dracula, had contacted him. They requested something from him. The warlocks and witches reached out with their hands. No one would ever harvest Dracula's ghost. So it was. Oikawa knew that. The presence had already left. The vampires burst out in lamentation for their fallen prince of Darkness. His family was no more. Nobody was then left of Soma's blood to foil with their business. That was a relief he was willing to pay for. He himself possessed the power of dominance. Perhaps even the next year, the great would awaken. That would be their finest moment. The necromancer was the only who seemed untoutched of what had happened. Vivian Krause, and his brother Julian, was descendant of the Dark Lord's chosen desiple. He had watched all of the events. Though it was Oikawa who had led their campaign. Uriel should have been present. He would have been pleased. Twise the angel of Death had challenged the throne robber. Now it was all over. The cycle would begin anew.

Hakuba shrine, Japan. The 15th. Of August 2075 A.D.
Genya Arikado had been summoned. He entered the shrine. His words had been true. Few but he was left of the group which ventured into Dracula's castle. Arikado showed no emotions. Of that, he was uncapable. He wondered what might happen now. It had been discovered that the order of shadow where behind. The flowers where giving forth such a wonderful smell. He thought of those he had loved. That was so very long ago. He could not cherish it. He could not cherish anything. The world was at it was. Genya Arikado was who he was. So be it. The Lord would save them at last. He toutched the tiny silver crucifix which he kept underneath his tie. The field seemed unchanged. The Hakuba family would continue to caretake their mission. That at least was something to behold. Arikado went over the field. There where three messages for him. The first, from his own agency, told the hunt for the order continued. That was to be expected. HE arched an eyebrow by the second note. Soma Cruz still got living descendants. Yoko Belnades, who was an aged woman by now, was certain. The third message told of the activety of the Belmont clan. They continued to hunt for the undead. Arikado would burn the notes. "If the world needs a Dark Lord." HE repeated. "Someone will appear. Although it is not Soma." He had no choise but to continue his work.

(A.N: What really will happen if Soma Cruz died? Of high age or by assassination. Either way. That may be the still ongoing future of our series. Have a nice time indeed.)