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Castlevania Bloodlines

By The Crossman

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Chapter 1: Reincarnated soul.
Castle Dracula, Wallackia. The 22nd of October 1917 A.D.
Drolta knelt down before the thrown of the fallen Dark Lord. Muliple black candles burned around her with blue flames, standing in the high candle-stands around the throne. Since the Lord of Vampires had not awaken the chaotic glow who was Castlevania the castle still stood when he perished here in 1897. She tried not to think about it. If he had only reached the castle in time, things could perhaps have transpired different. Quicker than her age should conclude to, she got to her feet and turned to leave. Outside the keep, countess Elizabeth and Death awaited her. "I was unsuccessful as I tried to summon the creature of chaos." She told them. "But I did however manage to summon enough chaos to create the new armours you wanted." The blood-bathing countess smiled. "Good." Death told her. "The Dark Lord must summon chaos himself. None of us are powerful enough to do that." She gave him a look, but his skull was as unmovable as ever. "Then I think it is time for us to depart." The fallen angel concluded. And as they watched, he changed appearance into that of an old monk. He rouse his arms into the air and the scythe vanished in a flash of black none-light. "The followers of Shaft are awaiting us." He told them. She moved down her hood to hide her face and then followed the two others.

Borgo pass, Wallachia. The 22nd of October 1917 A.D.
I silently prayed as we stood upon the ancient drawbridge leading into Dracula's castle. How many of my ancestors had done this as the centuries passed by? Sometimes all who was left of their journies into the demon castle could sometimes be mere fragments. "A cent for your thoughts Jonnie." Eric tried to sound like his merry old self but I could read in his face that it was mere bluffing. "Drop the attitude Eric." I said as I got to my feet. "Inside this hell house your own lies might kill you or your anger steal your soul." He gave me a look. "You really mean it?" I nodded. "If we survive this, remind me to show you some of my family's papers." He slowly nidded. "Let's go." I said. Then we went across and underneath the old arched passageway. There was nothing out on the old courtyard. But I felt sick as I entered into an old stable-yard and saw the remains of horses inside their boxes. "Curse you Drac." I mumbled as I kicked at an old wagon who stood in the back of the stable. "John!" I ran outside as Eric shouted at me. I had already began to feel nervous about this place. That was something uncle Reinhardt had warned me about.

Castle Dracula, Wallachia. The 22nd of October 1917 A.D.
John came running from the stable-yard as I stood knocking on a giant iron-protected door. "What's going on?" John shouted as he came over to me. "I saw that slut open the door." He nodded and then moved me to step back. He put the throwing-cross against the door and then spoke some words in Latin and the door burst into pieces. "Clever." I said as I helped him clean away the pieces. A swarm of bats flew right in our faces. John swung his whip and I too got some down with my spear. As we travelled here, I and John had trained in hitting small moving targets. I shook my head and continued knocking down bats. Then they just stopped. "Watch out." John said as we stepped inside. We entered into a long hall. A single lamp burned with a flickering blue flame burned without glass or dome of any kind. I shook my head. I'd read Harker's papers and John and his family had told him some legends about their ancestors. "Do you smell it?" John said, cracking into my thoughts. I nodded. "It's them again." I don't know how they did it. But it really did look like the zombies rouse out from the very floor. I dashed at them as John fell back and threw boomerang, a gift from Australia it looked like. The boomerang flew forth and cut the head off of the zombies. I used my short-sword to destroy their hearths. I don't know why, but I'd gotten an idea that when defeating a zombie I had to remove their hearths and heads. Like they'd bean vampires. More bats came flying at us and I moved to attack them. John began to knock down some strange candles who hung on the wall. Some strange gems and a axe-head fell out. "Take them, old friend." John said as he continued to knock down more candles and then went on to fight some skeletons. "Pick them up?" I wondererd as I did it. Then I felt new energy well up inside me. "I know who you are." John calmly said as he stood looking at me. "What do you mean?" He shook his head as he faintly smiled. "I'll let you tell it to me when you feel for it." Then he grew serious as he moved for me to follow him down the hall.

Castle Dracula, Wallachia. The 22nd of October 1917 A.D.
I moved for Eric to stop just before the doors at the right side of the hall. "What… " He began, then the door cracked open and a flock of peeping eyes came swarming at us. Their spiked-tiped tails nearly got me. I rouse my arm in deffense and one of them tore through the white fabric of the shirt and drew blood. I swung the Vampire Killer and after two successive hits the zombified creature burst into fire. But that was only the first leaf in the forest. Eric dashed around and crashed the eyes with the wooden handle of his spear and then pierced their eye with the pointed end of his weapon. He tossed my throwing-axe. The axe destroyed the peeping eye as I brandished the Vampire Killer and destroyed the other two who'd come at me. "I think," I said as we got a pause from the dark forces. "that I should arm you up." "What're you babbling about?" He gave me a mystified look who nearly made me laught. Then I grew serious. "I have more than enough arms for me to use." I removed my backpack and opened it. "The axe, boomerang, a weapon I've forged myself, the cross, holy water and the crystal I keep myself. But I'd feel a lot more safe if you would take the dagger, stopwatch, laurels and this bracklet. A family hairloom Samuel gave me." He put the stopwatch on his arm, placed the daggers all about his cloutings and put the bracklet around his neck. "What is this bracklet good for anyway?" He asked me as we continued walking. "It'll allow you to read and utilize magical scriptures if we should come across any." The foul smell of rotting flesh and the sounds of cracking bones made us end the conversation really quick. "Use the crystals!" I shouted as I cracked the Vampire Killer at the zombies. "How?" He shouted back as he used the wooden end of his weapon to smash the skeletons to dust. "They give you access to supernatural power!" A trio of skeletons attacked me. One dashed right at me with a complex series of punches and kicks while the other two came in from the back. I focused my mind and summoned the power of my bloodline. I tossed my boomerang and it split into three and tore the bone-heads to shreds. Eric did a back-flip and then did as I'd told him. He tossed his dagger who split into three and then shot right at the zombie and skeleton attacking him. I went on as I slashed the whip at another zombie and made it burn away. Then I did quick work of another trio of skeletons by dousing them in holy water. Then a skeleton got in a hit on me with its bony fist and for a moment I saw only stars. I shook my head and again threw my boomerang. When I could see again, there was no skeleton or zombie left to fight. I leaned against the wall as Eric did the same against his spear. "All that training seemed to have payed off." He joked, but it didn't came from the hearth. I nodded. Quincy and Jonathan Harker never had to fight like we did. But they'd fought their own kind of battle. And I wasn't sure if I would've rather done this than what they'd gone through. I shook my head. Nothing was easy when it came to battle Dracula and his band. I reached into my backpack and brought out a pot-rost. Something I'd found inside one of those candles. "You could've used those laurels to heal us up you know." I told him. "I think we shall let those be to another time." He said as I let him eat some of the rousted meat. As we finished our meal we continued walking. "Is it just me," Eric suddenly said, "or do you feel cold too?" I turned to answer him. It was always cold here, up in the mountains, but I knew it was something else. It was then I saw it. A somewhat see-through beging shrouded in pale cloth and with a near skull-like face. It howled like a suffering soul in Hell, perhaps it was just that, and felw right at us. "Get down!" I swung the Vampire Killer as I summoned God to help me. Golden flames roared around my whip as I hit the ghost. It screamed even loader and then just about exploded. Eric quickly got to his feet. The screams had summoned more enemies. Ghosts and peeping eyes came right through the windows or right out from nowhere. "Be what may be." I said as I and Eric stood back to back as they attacked.

Castle Dracula, Wallachia. The 22nd of October 1917 A.D.
Drolta Tzuentes knelt on the ground in a circle of flames. "I can only harvest small portions of chaos." She told Death and countess Elizabeth. "The few servants who have answered the summoning are not powerful enough to keep them busy for long." Lady Elizabeth nodded. "The cabmen are waiting for us. Do you have any suggestions?" Death flouted in the ear as he seemed to ponder the puzzle. "Harvest as much chaos you can." He then instructed Drolta. "Use it like you did when you created the guards for me the last time." She nodded and again began chanting. "What do you intend to do?" Countess Elizabeth asked as he to began executing a spell. "Our little friend here must be prepeared to harvest the chaos she can at each post we have set up." He told her. "You have your orders. I will return to you when I have finished our business here." She nodded and then left them. He grabed inside his cloak and brought out a strange-looking sceptre who he presented to Drolta. "Use this to wisp from place to place." He instructed her. "It will also amplify your own power if need be." She nodded before she returned to her spells and he too vanished.

Castle Dracula, Wallachia. The 22nd of October 1917 A.D.
John returned down the stair as I did quick work of some skeletons who just then rouse from the floor. "How the heck does they do that?" He mumbled as he cracked that whip of his against the last skeletons. "The floor have collapsed up there. We don't get further. What about the wall?" I shook my head. "I found a secret room in there, but only found this." I showed him the ancient book I'd found inside it. "If only Juste Belmont had bean here now." John said as he looked through the mouldy pages. "ready to go down?" I jokingly said. John nodded but slowly put the book inside his backpack. "I don't want to say this Eric," He said as he walked toward the stairs leading downward. "but if you could please stop joking. It's gnawing on my nerves." I grinned. "Sure Jonnie." But of course he was right. I followed him down the steps. A cold wind began to blow us in the faces. "God be with us." John mumbled and did the sign of the cross. I nodded. I hoped He was. "God in Heaven!" I shouted as I looked around. The cave was enormous and an underground river flooded through the entire tunnel. "Have you ever seen something like this?" John smiled. "Perhaps Simon Belmont would've answered you." I shook my head. Sometimes he was just out enigmatic. "The river is most likely poisoned." He suddenly warned. "Don't tell me what's obvious." I shot back, somewhat irritated. He'd bean just out strange since we first entered this cursed place. "I'm sorry Eric." He then said. Most likely just to confuse me. "But I've read so much of my ancestors and their friends's clashes with the Dark Prince. I'm sorry if I've spoken a little misty lately." I nodded and we shook hands. Then we began to jump the pillars rousing out from the water. The sound of flapping wings was out only warning as bats came flying at us. Then a sound of splashing water came to my attention. "Fishmen coming in!" I shouted as John slashed his whip at the bats. "Use the daggers or something!" He shot back as he continued whipping at the bats. "Bevare of their fireballs, frozen mist or whatever attack they might use." I nodded. I'd already taken out the first fishman, but more fishmen was jumping up. I tossed the dagger and it split into more daggers and tore the fishmen to pieces. One of them spat a beam of clear fluid and I screamed with pain as it hit me. Poison. I should've known. From now on, I should start pay attention to what John said. "Come on!" He then shouted as he jumped the first pillar. I followed suit and this time it was I who knocked down the bats. He slashed with his whip and the fishmen burst into fire. Then we continued to jump from pillar to pillar. I saw to knock down the candles in the cave. But I shared with John when he needed it. Then we came to the other side of the cavern and to the stairs leading upward. "If someone attack me upstairs," John warned me. "then use the stopwatch to hinder them." I nodded. Then we went upward.

Castle Dracula. Wallachia. The 22nd of October 1917 A.D.
Eric came closely behind me as I climbed the stair. I'd prepared for the worst but it was nobody there. "Perhaps those stairs over there will lead us somewhere." Eric said as he pointed with his spear. I nodded. The castle mostly lay in ruins and I just didn't know why. Reinhardt and Samuel had interegated Mr. Harker and professor Van Helsing about how the castle looked like when they traversed it. I dismissed it as we began walking. "John… " Eric began, I turned and cracked the Vampire Killer at the shape outside the nearest window. The giant sheets of glass shattered and the peeping eye burst into fire. "I just can't handle those monsters." Eric somewhat sheepishly confessed. "I understand you all pal." I said as I looked around for other enemies. Then I nearly cursed as I noticed the window had become whole again. "I began to understand why your old folks called this the demon castle Dracula." Eric commented. "I know." I said. Then we bought became busy as a bunch of skeletons and zombies rouse out from the ground. I held a vial of holy water over my head as I summoned the power of my bloodline. It shot right up from the vial and circled right ahead of me before it waved down all around me like some sort of rain-flush. Eric was making battle with the zombies as I continued taking down more of those bags of bones. He'd told me about what happened in castle Bathory, but I still didn't got why he hated the zombies that much. I didn't like skeletons either. They where just so discusting. The way the grinned at you with empty eye-sockets like they knew some sort of secret… I just couldn't handle it that very good. Then I stood gasping against the wall. Eric finished the few remaining zombies, before he too took a breather. But that was a really short one. Ghosts came drifting through the walls just as bats and more peeping eyes came crashing through the windows. "Be with me God!" I prayed as I brandished the Vampire Killer. If I only could find one of those morning-stars, then I could upgrade the whip. I tossed the boomerang and it split into three and shot all across the room. Reinhardt and Sam had wanted me to bring with me the throwing-cross instead of these "modern rubbish". But I'd wanted for Reinhardt's son to bring it along to Egypt. I'd brought with me Richter's crucifix and knew how to use some easy spells with it. But I was no magician like other of my ancestors had bean. Nathan Graves and Juste Belmont had bean pretty good sorcerors, but that was nothing for me. All these thoughts tumbled through my head as I and Eric faught along the hall. We bought saved each other's lives a couple of times, but it was nothing big. He was my friend and I'd promised I would die to protect him, like he had promised me. Then it was all over. It always felt like the fights lasted an eternity, but it'd only past a few minutes after we first entered this hall. "Is this it?" Eric suddenly asked. "Is this all old Drac might bring along?" I cast him a look. "What do you mean?" He did some exercises to loosen his muscles before he stepped over to where I stood. "I mean, the ghosts, zombies and skeletons are not among my closest friends. But I thought the Dark Lord would send more twisted beasts at us." Blood stained bought our outfits and surely I wasn't the only who felt pain in my body. "I don't know if I'm the right to say this. But Eric, never think Dracula is a fool. About what I've heard of him, he's nothing but a fool. Curse it Eric. He's the Dark Lord for God's sake." He smiled. "I see your point." Then he grew serious. "It's just that I don't care. You might have Dracula for me. All I want is to find and slay Liz." I put my hand on his shoulder, then I stepped slightly away. To avoid confuse him, I went to investigate the corpse of a dog who lay at the far end of the hall. A door had seemingly lead into the next section of the castle right here, but now the door was blocked by downfallen rubble. The stairs leading upward looked like the only way onward. "John," Eric came up behind me. "I'm sorry if I behave badly or such. But I just loved Gwennie that much. She was the light of my life." This time I didn't felt shy placing my hand on his shoulder. "I can't even imagine how you feel right now." I honestly said. "I have a girl from New Orleans and one in Chellsey that I feel attracted too. But I've bean to busy training to become a vampire hunter that I have no real girlfriend." He put a hand on my shoulder too. "I promise you." He said. "There is always someone fit for anybody out there." For a moment I almost forgot the grim circumstances we was in. The hellhound corpse who just then sprang to life, was a stern warning to remind me to not get lapse around the demon castle.

Castle Dracula, Wallachia. The 22nd of October 1917 A.D.
I just out gaped. The Hellhound was half-rotting but was still alive. There I got it for underestimating Dracula and what he might do. The Hellhound howled so my blood went cold. Then It opened its toothed mouth and breathed a big wavy flame at us. John whipped it to oblivion as I hit it in the side with my spear. Again it howled and this time the glass in the windows shattered. Glass fell all about and I couldn't help but curse as some splinters drew blood from my arms. Jonnie avenged me as he slashed the mutt in the face. It answered by dashing into him. Hadn't I bean there it would most likely tore his throat out. I gave it a shoulder-block who sent rowling on its back. It howled and the strange windows who always repeared themselves again shattered, shattered into pieces. I tried to get away, even so some managed to drew blood. In my legs this time. The Hellhound got to its feet and began to breath those wavy flames at us again. I and John bought managed to land a few hits, but that damn thing was already half dead and how the Hell did you kill someone who was already dead? Then he began dousing it with holy water. At least it made its skeletal part burn. It it didn't shattered it entirely. "We must try attacking bought part at the same time!" John shouted as he ran to avoid yet another flame. "I'm ready when you are!" I shot back as I tried once again not to be hit by those blasted shards. Hadn't bean for those laurels we'd most likely bean down already. He swung the whip at the skeleton part just as I threw daggers at its face. It howled, in pain this time. "Pet of the Devil." John cursed as he just bearly avoided another flame. I quite agreed. I twirled my lance and then drilled it right into the chest of the hellish beast. It howled and spat blood all about. I gasped as I saw smoke rise from where it bleeded. John again spew it with holy water. It spat multiple green flames and this time I really got hit. My world became one Hell of pain.

Berlin, Germany. The 30th of October 1917 A.D.
He sat on a bench at the train-station, waiting for Frau Bartley to arrive. "Herr Zead?" He rouse as the condoctur of his wagon came toward him. "Yes, mein Herr?" He asked as he got to his feet. Not many monks travelled with the express, but nobody have seen to wonder his outfit. "Herr Frank instructed me to inform me that your cargo have bean stored." He nodded. Dr. Frankenstein had just to kind to aid them resurrect their master. Even dough he had a delivery to the count in 1496, he had summoned the available servants in Germany. "Whas there anything else?" He asked as he looked around for Frau Bartley. "Madam Bartley told me she had reserved a nice launge for you and your other friends." He nodded and moved for him to show him the way. After giving him some tip, he gently followed him to where they should be. After getting rid of the man, he sat down in the seet across from "Frau Batley". "Any knews from the Tzuntues-witch yet?" She shook her head. "Not since she reported that the lair in Italy had bean rooted out by that Lecarde-person." He nodded. That had bean one day ago. "I received a letter from mademoiselle Dobray. The France circle are ready to serve the count." She nodded thoughtfully. "All seem to go as we planned." Drolta Tzuentes would harvest the needed souls and then countess Bathory would hell the ceremony. The Dark Lord have an eye for powerful servants who could be to their cause. It had bean Mathias Krohnquist who had turned her, but that was of less importance. Soon the Dark Lord would return to this world. And since the enemy was so splintered, they would have to take time to gather their forces. The war between the humans whould also be of help to elude them. Then it was Jonathan Morris and this Eric Lecarde. They where dangerous, but dr. Frankenstein and mademoiselle Dobrey would see to take care of them. And all thank to Drolta. The Dark Lord would see to reward her later. Now other matters what at hand. The followers of Shaft would meet them in Paris and then they would cart his corpse to a place where they could be in peace. The countess's idea of having the multiple uproar across Europe, had bean a glorious plot. It could decoy the Belmonts and also prepare the underworld for their master's return.

(A.N: I know this chapter is rather short, but I hope you all liked it. Marie Dobrey, the marquise of Branviles, is partly a real-life witch during the 1600s. And also a character used by John Dixon Carr in his novel "The burning court". Either way. Have a nice time.)

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