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"'Castlevania' has to many people a lot of diverse meaning. For some, it speaks of a time when things were more simple but the color of imagination was ever more applied to worlds whose dimensions were limited. For others, it's an experience that's symbiotic with a simple man--Simon Belmont, the most famed of the Belmont warriors. His story has been told and retold countless times to where a video-game player from any walk of life has knowledge of his exploits. This includes The Crossman, author of Darkness Never Dies; its he who expands upon these very exploits and introduces into this universe some new characters like Christina Belnades, whose powers you should know."


By The Crossman

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Prolouge: Prolouge.
Castle Dracula, Warakiya. The 17th of October 1688 A.D.
Darkness was a thing in life which you should truly embrace in all its devious splendor. The jester of her father's court had told her so. And after the death of her father and shearing love with his murderer, a lady by the name of Julianne Fortner, she had understood that it was all so true. Carmilla, or so she called herself here, was young, less than 100 years had passed since the Master had granted her eternal life as one of His children. Even dough she had by then still lived in the Austrian province of Styrhia, she had heard rumours of Christopher Belmont's victory over their master. She had moved to this region of Transilvania in hope of becoming a member of his army. She parted her lips and slightly mouned as she remembered how it had bean to be embraced by the skeletal arms of the angel of Death. Now, she reached the end of the stair. This was the bottom of the ruined castle. "Place it upon the alter." She instructed the human solders carreing the coffin. Long they had searched the catacombs of the castle before they had found the earthly remains of their fallen dark lord. The humans did as she instructed. Nobody would come here. And beside, the people of the nearest town, Veros she though to remember, there where celebrated a carnival in the honour of one of their meaningless saints. As the Satanists placed the coffin upon the black alter at the centre of the cave, another trio did enter the hall. The one in the front was Renate Von Markstein, a shadow priestess of these regions. Carmilla smiled, exposing her fangs. She knew her secret, that Renate was a werewolf who liked to stay in her human form. But was forced to take the wolf-form at every half and full-moon. The one leading the sacrifice for their dark lord was Nicolas Forster, a vampire trained in the use of ice-magic. "Leave us." Renate instructed the humans. "As you command mother Renate." They bowed before they left the cave. "Lay her upon the coffin." Over the alter, a being with black bird-like wings, wielding a scythe, concealed within a hooded cloak, appared. "Death." Renate whispered, before gesturing for Nicolas to do as instructed. The Chinese vampire bowed his head slightly before he waved his hand, making the drugged girl float and land upon the coffin. They sunk upon their knees, while Death chanted the ancient spells from the Necromonicon, laying open before the coffin, lighted by the still light of the black candles standing in the huge seven-armed candelabras standing all around the cave. Carmilla resumed the chanting and so did even Nicolas and Renata. Then Death stopped and they too became silent. Carmilla could feel how the chaotic spirits had gathered around them. Then Death swung his razor-sharp weapon, cutting the head clean off of the girl. She smiled with excitement as the blood of the liquid did leak all over the coffin. Then the true miracle did play itself to conclusion right before their eyes. The entire corpse, even the head, turned into a dark-crimson liquid and seamed to vanish into the coffin. That was not the end. Darkness gathered all around the coffin and a bolt of darkness, so black that it almost seamed like it shone with its own unholy light. "Behold the embodiment of suffering." Death whispered in their minds as the lid did flew open and the body housed inside rouse to face them. They had dressed him as best they could. With a black cape with royal-blue insides, black robes of the fines cloth, with the royal sash and crest of his house. And with rich lace-work around the neck and sleeves of his coat, with black knee-long trousers and black boots. Carmilla and Death had personally placed the ebony and crimson stones upon his hands and had also seed to comb his shoulder-length dark-brown mane, eye-brows and moustache. The fire inside Dracula's dark-brown eyes filled Carmilla with a dark joy which made her tremble with pleasure. She almost wanted to throw herself into his arms so he could do whatever he wanted with her. "Boyar Mirclla Kahrnstein." The dark lord said. "I know your soul, I know your history." The ancient Warakiyan accent made Carmilla shiver before him. "I know you gave yourself to Death. I know how my faithful servant made you become one of my direct underlings." She lowered her head. "Yes my prince." The dark lord nodded, a smile crept over his full crimson lips, which made his fangs become exposed. "Prepare my army." He then commanded. "The time has come." They rouse from their positions and went with him. Carmilla could feel the darkness gather around them as they walked. "What is thy biddings my prince?" She asked. Lord Dracula gave his commands. Not only to her, but to all of them. "It shall be as you command my prince." She said, the dark lord laughed and a chill went down her spine.

Belmont estate, Dora wood. The 19th of October 1688 A.D.
He knelt before the alter at the church of his estate. Even dough Leon Belmont had bean removed as Baron of this land and Sonia Belmont had lost their family castle near Ondol caused by the anger of the countryside, the house of Belmont still resided in their own land inside the forest who once had bean called the "forest of eternal night". He had learned by his father, Thomas Belmont, how to read and wright and so did read dayly the Bible and the chronicles of his ancestors. His father had also learned him how to use and summon the holy powers of their clan. His mother, who had bean burned at the stake as a witch when he was still a child, had brought her own magical powers into the house. But of course, she had bean a Dinesti, a heir to Grant Dinesti the one who had aided Trevor Belmont during the showdown with Dracula in 1496. Father Paul, the priest who did care for his little house-church did grant him the Host which he gratefully received. He knew Trevor Belmont had bean a member of the Ortodox church but he did not blame him even dough he was a member of the Catolic church. The father did bless the weapons he had chosen to bring with him on his journey. It was the Vampire Killer of course as was the throwing-cross and holy water. He did also carry his own personal crucifix and the throwing-daggers and axe. But he had decided to let the crystal and the stop-watch, a weapon the great Sonia Belmont had brought into the family. Legend told it was a gift presented to her by St. Germain, the celestial warder of their house. He did as well bring with him a set of stakes, some garlic and some small wooden crosses. "You know," He turned to face Petronella, his cousin, stand in the doorway. "that I could go with you." She did carry the chain-whip Christopher had created for his son to train with and had done battle-gear, just like him. "I know. But I pray you will stay and protect my wife and son." She gave him an ill-willed look. They had bean through this before and she still disagreed on being left behind. "You saw what the dark servants did with Veros." He calmly said as he let his left hand go through his short-cut red hair. "I don't want the same to happen with my own family." She grunted but didn't rise her voice again. "Piece my children." Father Paul said as he did the sign of the cross. "Do not violate the piece in the house of God." Petronella nodded, giving bought him and the priest a weak smile. "Will you join me and protect the estate?" She kindly asked the father. "Of course my child." HE said. A weak smile crossed his face. Father Paul was an old skeletal white-haired man, but he knew he would do what he could to keep his words. As he went outside, he noticed Victoria, his wife, stay watching him. He gave her a comforting smile and a determined look. She didn't want for him to go. But he'd bean tested, as had Petronella, by the Vampire Killer. And it had decieded for him to be the next hunter in line. Bought his father and his uncle had trained him well in their arts and now it was time to set these skills to their test. He went to the stable and brought out Trevor, his favourite horse and sat up. "You promise to leave it in the town?" Petronella asked. Trevor was her favourite too. "Of course." He said. "Father Nathan will know how to take care of him. Cha!" He struck the horse in his sides and rode off.

Petronella did look after him, then turned and went for the others. She had promised to protect the estate and that she would do. She had also bean in the town at the carnival when the dead had risen from their graves and the sky had bean filled with flying monsters. The villagers had gathered at the church and had bean able to fend them off, but even dough they did so, there where too many children and women who'd lost their fathers, brothers or sons. She did not intend to make a battlefield out of this place, she called for the workers, servants and farm-hands to gather around her.

Veros, Warakiya. The 20th of October 1688 A.D.
Simon stood outside the gate leading out of the village. There had bean some stray undead in the village. But together with Father Nathan, they had bean able to fend them off. The villagers where holding a mass of gratitude in the church right now. Trevor was safely secured in the good father's stable and now he did prepare for the beginning of this adventure. Rain-drops did fall around him, making his hair become wet but he didn't pay it any atentjion. His heavy leather-boots, woollen trousers and green tunic did sustain him from the cold. And even dough his body armour and shell-armour did cool him, he was used to wear battle-gears. He smiled as he noticed the silvery-lit candle-stands being spread out in the forest. Sonia had thought it was the castle itself who did spread out these things in order to keep its own balance between order and chaos. He was no priest or philosopher so he did not know. But he was truly thankful for them being there. Before him, the castle rouse into the rainy night-sky. He did the sign of the cross and walked the few feets over to where the bridge leading over the river stood. Somehow he was sure that when he was across, there would be no turning back. He did pray a short prayer before he went across the bridge. As he went across, some fool fish-like humanoids did jump from the murky water. He recognised the fishmen after how Sonia and Trevor had described them. He quickly ducked as the first did spit a wave of sticky liquid at him. As soon it was over, he jumped to his feet and swung his whip at the first one just as he threw a dagger at the second one. They burst into fire and he dashed over the few metres of the bridge. Then his eyes grew large as he noticed the bridge collapse into the water. The fog was drifting along the river, again doing the sign of the cross, he went deeper into the forest. It would be a cold night. But it would be colder where he was heading. "Please God," He prayed as he walked inside the first old tries. "give me strength to fulfil the mission you have placed upon me." The fog became even thicker.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 20th of October 1688 A.D.
Christina Belnades stood at the edge of the forest, staff in hands and silently praying. Her boyfriend and other of her loved ones had wanted to go with her, but she didn't want other to be involved. Her father and her uncles had left three daughters to uphold the traditions of the family. They where now safely married and she would also do so when this was all over. Adrian Fernandez was a good man, a fantastic man or so she thought. Vhristina ended her prayer and walked into the forest.

(A.N: Christina is based on the girl Simon embrace on a piece of art from the CV Chronicles game. Also, I'll try to only use enemies, bosses, stages and themes gathered from the classic tale or the remakes. Until next time, see you.)

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