The PS1 Books version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night recycles the very same Japanese manual. Scans provided are by Simon Belmont; the sender, Morgoth, explains the extra page included with the front and back covers: "The extra page not found in the original manual supposedly tells us about how Maria is playable in this version. It has not been confirmed yet if this is in fact true. The rest of the manual is the same, obviously."

Frequent fan fiction author Sam Mills and Kurt Kalata tell us this:

Reader Grant S., a native Japanese-speaker, provides a more direct translation:

"Well well, how about we search for Castlevania? I can tell you a good story for free this time. This is the PSone Books version."

Did you know about the mysterious rooms in Castlevania? If you push the UP directional key in front of the keyhole gate, you can warp to a different room.

If you transform into the form of mist with some magic (1), you can stick to the wall and go through it quickly whenever you want. Try it.

Does your partner have the name of a Fairy (2)? It is because of a Familiar. If you turn the Familiar on, you can call the Familiar. Furthermore, the Familiar is not the only one, there are others with different powers in recovery and protection, please make use of them by all means.

In the previous game, Dracula X -Rondo of Blood-, there were only two player characters. However in this game also, there is more than one character, the hint to getting them is the name input. Do you know what I mean?

To the people who have already completed the game, did you enjoy the ending? If you have 100% completion, you should try looking at the file select screen again.

Take care, hehehe...

Grant makes the following clarifications: "(1) This part of the translation is a bit dodgy; it originally was talking about transforming a wire netting-shaped wall, and going through it, I assume it's talking about the mist and being able to pass through the gated walls. (2) This section about the 'name of the fairy' was really difficult to translate, but I'm assuming that's what it was saying."

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