Bahamut Lagoon

System: Super Famicom Country: Japan
Developer: Square Publisher: Square
Size: 24 Megabits Save Feature: Battery Back-up, 3 slots
Retail Price: ? Release Date: February 9, 1996
Number of Players: 1 Genre: Strategy RPG

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    A good strategy RPG from Square that never made it to the States. You take the role of Byuu, a knight in the Kahna Dragon Squad. Your team is going against a corrupt (aren't they all?) empire under the control of the evil Granbelos. As with most other Square games, Bahamut Lagoon starts with a simple good vs. evil premise such as this and then expands it with twists, turns, and a variety of characters. Battle is typical strategy fare, with two interesting expections: One, each player is partnered with a computer-controlled dragon, which will attack on its own and can be fed outside of battle to increase its strength and mutate it into a bigger, better beast. Two, terrain plays a role in combat, as ice spells can freeze over rivers to allow crossing, lightning spells can destroy certain terrain, and so on. On a side note, I think this is the most transparency-heavy game I've ever seen. Nearly every screen is shrouded in fog or haze or a rainbow effect or something. And people say Square only started going heavy on graphics in the PSX era.

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Contributed by: Kyo Kusanagi

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