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Alien -Contributed by K-J N
Alien Syndrome -Contributed by K-J N
Apoxoly -Contributed by K-J N
Apple Frenzy -Contributed by Oli
Armalyte -Contributed by K-J N
Arnie -Contributed by K-J N
Arnie 2 -Contributed by K-J N
Aztec Challenge -Contributed by Oli

B-Bobs -Contributed by K-J N
Baal -Contributed by Oli
Back To The Future Part III -Contributed by K-J N
Bangkok Knights -Contributed by K-J N, Oli
Batman -Contributed by Smasher 100
BC's Quest For Tires: Grog's Revenge -Contributed by Opi
Beach-Head -Contributed by Opi
Below The Root -Contributed by KindarSpirit
Beyond the Ice Palace -Contributed by Smasher 100
Big Nose's American Adventure -Contributed by Smasher 100
Bionic Commando -Contributed by Smasher 100
Black Tiger -Contributed by Smasher 100
Blood Money -Contributed by K-J N
Bouncy Balls -Contributed by K-J N
Bruce Lee -Contributed by Mozai
Bug Bomber -Contributed by K-J N
Bubble Bobble -Contributed by K-J N

Camel Throphy -Contributed by Cosmicnet
Castlevania -Contributed by MrPerfectn
Catalypse -Contributed by K-J N
Cauldron -Contributed by K-J N
Chip's Challenge -Contributed by K-J N
Commando -Contributed by Oli
Congo Bongo -Contributed by Smasher 100
Cool Croc Twins -Contributed by K-J N
Creatures -Contributed by K-J N
Creatures II Clyde Radcliffe In Torture Trouble -Contributed by K-J N
Cube Magik -Contributed by K-J N

Dizzy: Prince of The Yolkfolk! -Contributed by Oli
Donald Duck's Playground -Contributed by Oli
Donkey Kong - [Atarisoft] -Contributed by Oli
Donkey Kong - [Ocean] -Contributed by Smasher 100
Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone -Contributed by K-J N
Draconus -Contributed by K-J N
Dragon's Lair Part II Escape from Singe's Castle -Contributed by Smasher 100
Dylan Dog: Murderers -Contributed by K-J N

Enforcer -Contributed by K-J N
Eon -Contributed by K-J N
Escape From Arth -Contributed by K-J N

Flimbo's Quest -Contributed by K-J N

Ghost Chaser -Contributed by Jamie Lee
Ghosts 'n Goblins -Contributed by Opi
Ghostbusters -Contributed by Oli
Golden Axe -Contributed by K-J N
Great Giana Sisters -Contributed by K-J N
Green Beret -Contributed by K-J N

Hook -Contributed by K-J N
Hot Rod -Contributed by K-J N
Hummdinger -Contributed by K-J N
Hysteria -Contributed by K-J N

Ice Guys -Contributed by K-J N
Impossamole -Contributed by Smasher 100
Impossible Mission -Contributed by KindarSpirit
IO: Into Oblivion -Contributed by K-J N
It's Magic -Contributed by K-J N

Jungle Hunt -Contributed by KindarSpirit

Kaiser -Contributed by Opi
Karnov -Contributed by Smasher 100
Kid Niki: Radical Ninja -Contributed by MJRARE

Last Battle -Contributed by K-J N
Last Ninja 3 -Contributed by K-J N
Lethal Zone -Contributed by K-J N
Lions of The Universe -Contributed by K-J N

Magical Formula -Contributed by K-J N
Menace -Contributed by K-J N
Metal Warrior -Contributed by K-J N
Michael Jackson Moonwalker: The Computer Game -Contributed by Smasher 100
Mikie -Contributed by Oli
Moon Patrol -Contributed by Oli
Mr. Heli -Contributed by K-J N
Murder On The Mississippi -Contributed by Oli
Mystery -Contributed by K-J N
Myth -Contributed by K-J N

Navy Seals -Contributed by K-J N
Ninja Spirit -Contributed by K-J N
Nobby The Aardvark -Contributed by K-J N

Olli & Lissa: The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle -Contributed by Oli
Operation Thunderbolt -Contributed by Oli
Orbits -Contributed by K-J N
Out Run Europa -Contributed by K-J N
Outlaw -Contributed by Oli

Pang -Contributed by K-J N
Paper Boy -Contributed by KindarSpirit
Parsec -Contributed by K-J N
Plural -Contributed by K-J N
Project Firestart -Contributed by K-J N
Puzzlemaster -Contributed by K-J N

Raid Over Moscow -Contributed by Opi
Rainbow Islands -Contributed by K-J N
Reaxion -Contributed by K-J N
Renegade III The Final Chapter -Contributed by K-J N
Retrograde -Contributed by K-J N
Rick Dangerous -Contributed by K-J N
Rick Dangerous II -Contributed by K-J N
Robocop 2 -Contributed by K-J N
Robin to the Rescue -Contributed by Smasher 100
Rocky Horror Show -Contributed by Oli
Rod Land -Contributed by K-J N
Rolling Ronny: The Errand-Boy -Contributed by K-J N
Rolling Thunder -Contributed by Smasher 100
Rubicon -Contributed by K-J N
Ruff And Reddy In The Space Adventure -Contributed by K-J N

Saint Dragon -Contributed by K-J N
Samantha Fox Strip Poker -Contributed by Oli
Sceptre of Baghdad -Contributed by K-J N
Scooby-Doo And Scrappy-Doo -Contributed by K-J N
Shadow Dancer -Contributed by K-J N
Shadow of The Beast -Contributed by K-J N
Simpsons -Contributed by K-J N
Skool Daze -Contributed by Oli
Snare -Contributed by K-J N
Sonny The Snail -Contributed by K-J N
Space Gun -Contributed by K-J N
Street Beat -Contributed by KindarSpirit
Strider -Contributed by Smasher 100
Stroke World -Contributed by K-J N
Suburban Commando -Contributed by K-J N
Suicide Express -Contributed by Oli
Superman: The Man of Steel -Contributed by Smasher 100
Swiv -Contributed by K-J N
Synetic -Contributed by K-J N

Target Renegade -Contributed by K-J N
Tarzan Goes Ape -Contributed by Jamie Lee - (New)
Taskmaster -Contributed by Smasher 100
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: The Coin-Op -Contributed by K-J N
Terminator 2 Judgment Day -Contributed by K-J N
Thunder Jaws -Contributed by K-J N
Toki -Contributed by K-J N
Tom & Jerry 2 Hunting High and Low -Contributed by Jamie Lee
Total Recall -Contributed by K-J N
Trolls -Contributed by K-J N
Turbo Charge -Contributed by K-J N
Turbo Out Run -Contributed by K-J N
Turrican -Contributed by K-J N
Turrican II The Final Fight -Contributed by K-J N

Ultima IV Quest of The Avatar -Contributed by Moses
Ultima V Warriors of Destiny -Contributed by Moses
Untouchables -Contributed by K-J N

Viz: The Game -Contributed by K-J N
Volfied -Contributed by K-J N

Who Dares Wins II -Contributed by Opi
Winter Camp -Contributed by K-J N
Wonder Boy -Contributed by Smasher 100
Woody The Worm -Contributed by K-J N
Wrath of The Demon -Contributed by K-J N

Xavier -Contributed by Oli
X-Out -Contributed by K-J N

Yogi's Great Escape -Contributed by Smasher 100

Zamzara -Contributed by K-J N
Zorro -Contributed by Oli