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Aladdin -Contributed by NPI
Alfred Chicken -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Alien Breed II The Horror Continues -Contributed by NPI
Alien Breed 3D 2 The Killing Grounds -Contributed by NPI
All New World of Lemmings -Contributed by NPI
Aqua -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Banshee -Contributed by NPI
Big Red Adventure -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Black Viper -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Blobz -Contributed by NPI
Blood Net: A Cyberpunk Gothic -Contributed by Cody Jarrett
Body Blows -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Body Blows Galactic -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Bograts: The Puzzling Misadventure -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Breathless -Contributed by NPI
Brian The Lion Starring In: Rumble In The Jungle -Contributed by NPI
Brutal Sports Series: Football -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Bubble And Squeak -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Capital Punishment -Contributed by Cody Jarrett - (New)
Chaos Engine: AA -Version -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Chaos Engine 2 -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Charlie J Cool -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Civilization: Build An Empire To Stand The Test of Time -Contributed by NPI
Clockwiser -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Code Name Hell Squad -Contributed by NPI

D/Generation -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Dangerous Streets -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Diggers -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Eat The Whistle: France 98 -Contributed by NPI

Fatman: The Caped Consumer -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Fears -Contributed by NPI
Fightin' Spirit -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Final Odyssey: Theseus Verses The Minotaur -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Flyin' High -Contributed by NPI

Genetic Species -Contributed by NPI
Gloom -Contributed by NPI
Gloom 3 Ultimate Gloom -Contributed by NPI
Gunbee F-99: The Kidnapping of Lady Akino -Contributed by NPI - (New)

House Guest -Contributed by NPI
Humans III Evolution: Lost In Time... -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Impossible Mission 2025: The Special Edition -Contributed by NPI
Ishar: Legend of The Fortress -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Ishar 2 Messengers of Doom -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Ishar III The Seven Gates of Infinity -Contributed by NPI - (New)

James Pond II Codename Robocod -Contributed by NPI
James Pond Operation Starfish: Chapter III A New Hope -Contributed by NPI
Joyride -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Jungle Strike: The Sequel To Desert Strike -Contributed by NPI
Jurassic Park -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Kang Fu -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Kick Off 3 -Contributed by NPI
Kick Off 3 European Challenge -Contributed by NPI

Land of Genesis -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Leading Lap MPV -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Legends -Contributed by Cody Jarrett
Lion King -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Marvin's Marvellous Adventures -Contributed by NPI
Monster (Monstrum) -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Moonbases -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Napalm -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Naughty Ones -Contributed by NPI
Nemac IV Director's Cut -Contributed by NPI - (New)

OloFight -Contributed by NPI - (New)
OnEscapee -Contributed by NPI
Overkill -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Penguins -Contributed by NPI
Pictris -Contributed by NPI
Pierre Le Chef Is... Out To Lunch -Contributed by NPI

Quake -Contributed by NPI

Rally Championships -Contributed by NPI
Rise of The Robots -Contributed by Cody Jarrett - (New)
Roadkill -Contributed by NPI

Sabre Team -Contributed by Cody Jarrett - (New)
Second Samurai -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Shadow Fighter -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Shadow of The Third Moon -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Shaq Fu -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Simon The Sorcerer -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Simon The Sorcerer II The Lion, The Wizard And The Wardrobe -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Sixth Sense Investigations -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Skeleton Krew -Contributed by Hall of Light
Sleepwalker -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Soccer Kid -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Speris Legacy -Contributed by Cody Jarrett - (New)
Strangers -Contributed by NPI
Street Racer -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Super Loopz -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Super Stardust -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Superfrog -Contributed by NPI - (New)

T-ZerO -Contributed by Cody Jarrett - (New)
Tales From Heaven -Contributed by NPI
Talmino -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Teenagent -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Testament -Contributed by NPI
Tin Toy Adventure In: The House of Fun -Contributed by NPI
Top Gear 2 -Contributed by NPI
Total Carnage -Contributed by Hall of Light
Trapped: Das Rad Von Talmar -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Trapped 2 -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Transartica -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Trolls -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Tube Warriors -Contributed by Hall of Light
Tubular Worlds -Contributed by NPI

Ultimate X Treme Racing -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Ultra Violent Worlds -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Virocop -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Virtual Ball Fighters -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Wasted Dreams -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Watchtower: War Has Never Been As Deadly -Contributed by NPI
Wembley International Soccer -Contributed by NPI
Wendetta 2175 -Contributed by NPI
Wheels On Fire -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Wheelspin -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Whizz -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Xp8 -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Xtreme Racing -Contributed by NPI

Zombie Massacre -Contributed by NPI
Zool: Ninja of The "Nth" Dimension -Contributed by Hall of Light
Zool 2 -Contributed by NPI