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Akira -Contributed by NPI
Alfred Chicken -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Alien Breed: Tower Assault / Alien Breed II -Contributed by NPI
Alien Breed: Special Edition / Qwak -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Arabian Nights -Contributed by NPI
ATR: All Terrain Racing -Contributed by NPI

Banshee -Contributed by NPI
Battletoads -Contributed by NPI
Beavers -Contributed by NPI
Beneath A Steel Sky -Contributed by NPI
Benefactor -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Brian The Lion -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Bubba 'n' Stix -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Bubble And Squeak -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Bump 'n' Burn -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Cannon Fodder -Contributed by NPI
Chambers of Shaolin -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Chaos Engine: CD 32-Version -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Chuck Rock -Contributed by NPI
Chuck Rock II Son of Chuck -Contributed by NPI
Classic Lotus Trilogy -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Clockwiser -Contributed by NPI - (New)

D/Generation -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Dangerous Streets -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Dark Seed -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Death Mask -Contributed by NPI
Dennis -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Diggers -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Disposable Hero -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Dragonstone -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Fears -Contributed by NPI
Fightin' Spirit -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Final Gate -Contributed by Hall of Light
Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Fire Force -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Fly Harder -Contributed by NPI
Fury of The Furries -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Gloom -Contributed by Hall of Light

James Pond II Codename Robocod -Contributed by NPI
John Barnes European Football -Contributed by NPI
Jungle Strike: The Sequel To Desert Strike -Contributed by NPI

Humans III Evolution: Lost In Time... -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Impossible Mission 2025 The Special Edition -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Legends -Contributed by NPI
Lemmings -Contributed by NPI
Lost Vikings -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Marvin Marvellous Adventure -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Mean Arenas -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Misadventures of Flink -Contributed by Cody Jarrett
Myth: History In The Making -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Naughty Ones -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Nick Faldos Championship Golf -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Overkill & Lunar-C -Contributed by NPI

Pierre Le Chef Is... Out To Lunch -Contributed by NPI
Pinocchio -Contributed by NPI
Power Drive -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Premiere -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Prey: An Alien Encounter -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Project-X / F17 Challenge -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Quik: The Thunder Rabbit -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Roadkill -Contributed by NPI

Seek & Destroy -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Shadow Fighter -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Skeleton Krew -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Soccer Superstars -Contributed by NPI
Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe CD32 Version -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Striker -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Summer Olympix -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Superfrog -Contributed by NPI
Super Methane Bros -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Super Putty -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Syndicate -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Total Carnage -Contributed by Hall of Light
Top Gear 2 -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Trolls CD32 -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Ultimate Body Blows -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Wembley International Soccer -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Wild Cup Soccer -Contributed by NPI - (New)

Zool: Ninja of The "Nth" Dimension -Contributed by NPI - (New)
Zool 2 -Contributed by NPI - (New)