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Chrono Trigger (Back) -SNES
Fighters Megamix -Saturn
Final Fantasy 2 (Back) -SNES
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Super Mario All-Stars (Front) (Back) -SNES
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X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Back) -Saturn
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Saturday, January 15, 1999
Added 17 scans. I still need contributors for this site, so if you want to submit something, Mail Me.

Friday, January 14, 1999
Well, this is the opening of Gamepics' official "sister" site. I hope you enjoy the many scans I have put up, and the many I will soon have up. If you would like to submit scans, just send them Here. Added 11 scans. You can see what is new in the menu to the left.

Would you like to send scans for this site? 
All you need to do, is scan the box in high quality jpg format. 
Then E-Mail them to me ZIPPED 
(If you can't mail them zipped, please mail them individually), and I will put them up.